Couldn't resist - it's a houseplant now!

ornata(London UK (8/9?))November 3, 2006

I dug up a load of cannas that I didn't want to risk in the ground (our winters are mild but my soil is very heavy). When it came to chopping off the foliage, there were a couple of plants that I just couldn't mutilate... so now I have a 'Wyoming' and a 'Stuttgart' nicely potted up and living indoors for the winter. I know I'll have to watch for pests (last year red spiter mite nearly finished off a 'Picasso', although it did recover). But the 'Stuttgart' is only tiny and can live in the bathroom for the winter, where it's nice and humid and out of direct sun. And the 'Wyoming' is just so stunning, I'll have to find a place for it somewhere! Anybody else do this?

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

Ornata, I too brought my young (3 leaves) stuttgart in. I hate to put it to "sleep". I put it in filtered sun next to a window and it is still burning. I heard they burn easy when young.

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hydroharold(Hudson Vly NY)

I'd love to give indoor canna a try but I have 4 catz and one is over interested in anything flowery or green. Are canna plants poisonous to pets? So far my aloe vera and jade plant have survived, my first attempt at indoor greenery, with no cat attacks...

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flash14756(z6 Boise, Idaho USA)

I have a seedling (almost a year old, started very, very early last spring) inside, but I don't have much sun. How low of light can they take?

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ornata(London UK (8/9?))

On various websites canna is listed as not being poisonous to cats, e.g.

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I left most of my 'Wyoming' in the ground this winter, mulched with straw and covered with plastic to keep the soil from getting too damp. Since a large clump of it I forgot about last year survived the winter and did well in '06 I though it was worth the experiment (and tubers of it can be had via online order here for $1 apiece).

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My cannas ARE houseplants; wouldn't have it any other way :)

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