Is no one responding to exchanges?

sondra_tn(South East TN (6/7))November 17, 2005

I have two people show interest in an exchange..but they don't reply back? Am I doing something wrong?? (newbie here)

thank you,


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Good websites for exchanges can be found on Yahoo. They have several Groups listed for various types of flora and fauna. I have had many, many successful exchanges via Yahoo plant groups. I'm sure that does exist here, on this website, too. I find that this website is good for researching info about various plants, but there is a policy here on this website (which I disagree with) of not permitting users to inform others of those who do not hold up their end of the bargain in exchanges. That, in effect, gives anyone the license to obtain plants at the expense of many others without ever being discovered. That might be one reason why some are reluctant to proceed even though an inquiry may be initiated.

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Littleme, you are quite correct - once burned - twice shy.

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taternater(Z5 Cen. Indiana)

I have made at least 30- 40 trades over the years and have only had one problem. And then I eventually received my trade. Don't be discouraged. There are far too many good traders to let one get you down.
Have fun!

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