Canna Newbie, help?

janamaNovember 4, 2006

I purchase my first Canna this summer, there were two plants in the pot, I separated them and planted them. They looked kind of wilty all summer, but survived.

Now, after reading this forum, I shouldn't have separated them till fall, then on top of that, I just dug them up, pulled off the stems, separated all the bulbs and rinsed them off.

So NOW I get the great idea to look for help, and realize I shouldn't have pulled the stalks off, and it looks like I shouldn't have separated the big white bulbs either.

Did I just kill them altogether? Should I even try and store them over the winter?

I appreciate any input.

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Your pieces of cannas can survive even this. i am no way an expert, but i have 3 ideas that may work.
1 - put those pieces you have in slightly damp peat moss in a small cardboard box and put them in the coolest dark spot in your house. The hope here is to imitate underground conditions in a warm climate for replanting in Spring. I've had fat big-eyed rhizomes with roots ready to plant in Spring this way.
2 - if you have a full sun southern exposure window: half submerge a piece in a dish of water, changed occassionaly. I have grown blooming cannas in water this way if warm & bright enough.
3-google both Karchesky Cannas & "storing cannas"...
good luck! marea

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