New plantings?

marricgardensSeptember 2, 2008

Good morning everybody. I always like to try some new plants in my window boxes, planters, etc. This year I grew 'Lemon Kiss' Gazania which I really liked. I also grew Alternantha for the first time. Great foliage plant. The other one I tried new was 'Bullseye' geraniums from William Dam seeds. They get the same dark foliage as the 'Black Velvet' series but are perhaps a bit shorter. The flowers on these reminded me of Godetia. I think I will plant these plants each year - until I find something new! What did you plant that you will keep in your garden from now on? Marg

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

I don't plant too many annuals anymore (ran out of space), but I always grow Cosmos sulphureus. This year I tried some deep red nasturtiums - they've got some patches so deep red they're almost black. I stupidly threw out the envelope, so I don't recall the name or company :-( They're gorgeous though!! I plan on seeing if the seeds grow true next year - probably not, but worth a try.


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I grew the Cosmos Sulphureus for the first time this year and love them. That orange and bright yellow is right up my alley. Will do them again next year for sure.

I discovered California Poppies this year and won't ever forget to plant them in the gardens in the years to come. Wonderful bright little troopers they are. Going to try other colours next year. This year I had the orange. Oh, I'll keep them, but must try others now that I know I love this plant.

I usually suck at container gardening, but this year winter sowed some Tagetes Marigolds and they did so well in a pot on the deck that my daughter decided to release one of the Monarchs we raised right on the flowers. Makes for a nice photo!

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I forgot to mention that I also planted cosmos. I planted Sensation Pink and Sensation Red. Sensation pink has been flowering it's little head off for the past month. The Red Sensation isn't even budding up! Both were winter sowed. It's the first time I planted cosmos and will probably keep them. Do they reseed easily? Looks like I'll only get seeds from the pink. Marg

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