What potting mix to use for an avocado tree in container?

sonaliagrawalMay 3, 2009

I just bought a beautiful 3 foot avocado tree from a nursery. I plan to grow it in a large container for a year before planting it in ground next year. I am hoping that it will be sturdier / stronger by then, as well as I will have landscaped to find the right spot for it in my front or back yard. I already have a huge plastic container that I plan to drill holes in.

The question I have is - what kind of soil / potting mix to use for avocado tree? Is regular miracle gro potting mix good enough or should I mix something inw ith it?

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As you are filling a very large container you would like something available in bulk that will hold up without breaking down and failing to drain well. I would suggest you check with the landscape supply sources in your area. Many nurseries buy their soil mixes from them and some will sell in smaller quantities. I use from one to two cubic yards a year for containers and have found the nursery mix to be much better than what is available from garden centers. Al

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Supersoil brand of Potting Mix is awesome for avocado. Drains well and holds decent amount of moisture.

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