HELP! I need a fast growing 'privacy wall'

Eric55(5)September 3, 2005


My new neighbors just chopped down all of their backyard vegetation, brought in truckloads of dirt and raised the level of their yard, and installed a hot tub that closely overlooks my small back yard.

I've thought about Thuja "Green Giant" but I think these will get too high and too wide in diameter.

Can anyone recommend a FAST growing evergreen that grows 10-15 feet tall and stays fairly compact in diameter? I live in Connecticut on a hillside so it needs to be winter hardy.

The privacy wall will only get partial sun because there are some tall trees where my property line meets theirs.

I appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me!


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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Hi Eric,

You mentioning wanting 'green giant' but it gets too wide. Green giant is actually thuja plicata 'green giant' but how about a variety of thuja occidentalis?

Perhaps thuja occidentalis 'brandon' (brandon cedar). They grow to about 15 feet high (taller with age) and perhaps 4 feet wide. The brandon variety is extremely winter resistant even here in zone 3 but you might also want to check out other types such as 'rushmore', 'smargd', 'pyramidalis', etc. Just search on the internet for "thuja occidentalis brandon", "thuja occidentalis smargd", etc. 'brandon' and 'pyramidalis' are fairly quick growing, as far as cedars grow, but unfortunately you are still looking at maybe a foot in height per year.

Anything that is quicker growing than that, say 3 feet per year, probably wouldn't stop at just 15 feet high.

They would do well in part shade. They would have to be watered regularly until established (no different than any tree or shrub) but are somewhat drought tolerant once established.


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Tranquilight(4 a)

I'm also interested in a quick growing "privacy wall". I read recently in Canadian Gardening that Olive trees, Elaeagnus angustifolia, grow quickly in zone3 and in about any type of soil. Interesting silver leaves trees also good for birds.

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Glen, Thank you for the great response!

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I imagine that would look good too Tranquilight, though my assumption is that if Russian olive is used as a hedge, they would have to be trimmed regular as they are not naturally tall and narrow.

They definitely are hardy.


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Eldeberry shrubs - fruit edible (we make jelly and wine) birds love it, partial shade ok, just put down mulch around the roots for winter - your inconsiderate neighbours will get purple dye in their hot tub whent birds drop their berries in their tub.

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I recommend the tall narrow cedar hedging. It's dense evergreen and doesn't get wider than 18 inches or a little more but will reach 15ft. Mine are now about 13 ft and grow about a foot a year. I don't know how tall they can get but they take well to trimming.
Regards Steph

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