rearranging a flowerbed

marricgardensSeptember 3, 2012

I have a flowerbed that I have ripped up and started to replant. Most of the plants are daylilies but there are also some other perennials. I need a perennial, about 6-8", to go beside Gladys Campbell daylily (peach/melon blend). It will also be in front of a blue Jacobs Ladder. I thought something that flowers in fall as the JL flowers early summer and the daylily fills in the summer. I would also consider an annual- I do like the bright splash of color from the annuals. Any suggestions welcome. Marg

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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

Marg: In answer to your question...a nice Japanese anemone in white, would seem to be a good flower for you, for that bloom period! Just a thought. Ross.

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Japanese anemone can spread - just be aware of that. If spreaders are not an issue, how about jupiter's beard too. I have a patch that still going strong and pretty. My indian blanket flower is still producing more and more flowers. No signs of dying out. There are also the hardy mums now.

For annuals I absolutely love my verbena bonariensis.

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Thanks for the ideas guys! I love the idea of something white. I know anemones spread, somewhat aggressively sometimes. I think white would be a good choice because it would set off the other colors around it. Any other choices? Marg

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white perennials? a bit tricky I guess but not impossible. I've packed my garden beds with all sorts of bloomers but the only white that is blooming now is my butterfly bush and that's 6 feet tall. Maybe mallows? Some are still blooming but on it's way out.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for such colours.


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Thanks Ianna. What do you think of a white Liatris? It would be beside a Frosted Velvet heuchera and the daylily. I was thinking it had more of an upright growth habit and would fill that spot nicely. Marg

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That would be lovely. It would be a nice contrast. I didn't know they bloomed at this time of the year. I thought they were summer bloomers. Are they continous bloomers?

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I'm not exactly sure when it flowers but I do have the purple one that flowers for quite a while after a few years. It does grow from bulbs so they continue to multiply. I really would prefer something that had a longer bloom period. I don't know of any other plant that has the same growth habits and is white. Marg

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

May sound like a simple suggestion but what about white snapdragons. Annuals but they bloom well into the fall here in 3a and they are even tolerant of frost. You could add other colors too if the white is not enough. I plant eveything from the Rockets to Floral Carpet for height selection. :)


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Snapdragons sound good Ginny. Do they overwinter for you? I've tried them several times and never had them overwinter. I think the upright growth habit and the white flowers would look nice beside the Gladys Campbell daylily. Thanks for the suggestion. Marg

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

They don't overwinter here in the frozen north either but they do self seed readily if I leave them in over winter. I also scatter seed in fall. I love snapdragons and will plant them if nothing else every year. They look really nice with Dusty Miller and the white are really white. I have pinkish volunteers blooming away in my front garden right now. They bloom well into October. :)


I have tons of seed if you would like some for next year. :)

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I have never had them reseed here either, that's what I meant by overwintering. I don't have my trade list up yet but will soon. Thanks for the offer. Marg

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Did you say 6-8", Marg? What about white alyssum? It flowers all summer, right into the fall. You might have to replant it in the spring, since it grows as an annual here.

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I've had the white alyssum here before but it never got more than 4", if that. What type do you grow? I do like to plant it near the daylilies because it does attract beneficials that go after the thrips. Marg

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I really like the White Liatris. My mom has a big patch in her garden & it blooms the same long time as my little patch of Purple Liatris. They stand up very well & are striking(:

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I was going to say alyssum too if you want white. They self seed abundantly and mine are still blooming in Niagara. Just to play Devil's advocate though, my first thought was zinnia orange profusion. I think it would be fabulous.

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I vote for Feverfew ,either the single or the double version . Blooms from spring till frost .... as long as you dead head and even if you dont it will rebloom.


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Hi, I used to live in Zone 4 -Sudbury
Here are a few ideas for you - I assume that bed has some sun; these should be hardy for you.
Blue Leadwort (Ceratostigma p.) has great blue flowers & red foliage in the fall. Low growing Sedums & Violas would also add colour. If you want to add some taller plants (from 2'-3') in the back or side of the bed, you could try any of the Rudbeckias -nice yellow flowers or Turtleheads (Chelone o.) in white or pink. Have fun deciding!

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How about asters? The "woods" series is beautiful,
Woods Pink, Woods Purple etc. or a white chrysanthemum.
If you're in Ontario, I can give you some of mine, about 8", and grows in a round mound. Also some of the echinaces
are still blooming in Oct. A little taller, Sunrise is a soft yellow and long blooming.
Hope this helps.

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