can I grow

cassiet(6/WV)November 4, 2004

a canna bulb inside for the winter to get it larger for summer planting? I just got a baby tropical sunrise... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!! and I am afraid it will die over winter resting. I want to plant it in a big pot to grow through winter as houseplant. Will this work? Has anyone ever did this?


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marquest(z5 PA)

Sure, First does it have any leaves now? If yes then....

Put it in a pot if it is a small bulb put it in a small pot and put it in a sunny window. Water it twice a week if your house is warm 70-80.

No leaves.....
Put it in a pot damp just barely, not soaking. Water only when the soil is dry about every 9-14 days. Again do not soak it the bulb will rot. When you see leaves you can start to give it a little more water but watch for growth to be your guide as to how much water, More leaves more water.

Leaves or not do not put more than 2" of soil over the bulb.

I have 25 now most in pots. I bring them in, around Sept. and they are in a cool 55-60 room they get watered once or twice during the winter they start growing in March. This year I had blooms in June this year.

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