My Canna bloomed... in NOVEMBER!!

WPalm033(Chicago Z6)November 3, 2004

This is my first year with cannas and I really know nothing about them. I planted a canna in mid july in part sun. All summer it grew little by little, and I never expected it to flower in a million years. Well I walked outside on a crisp 60 degree November day and to my surprise I see my canna with a large orange flower on top! If any of you are wondering, yes it is outside, and NO we have not yet had a killing frost. We are supposed to have a light frost in the next few days which may or may not kill back the canna. But I am ready for it. Here are the pics:

I am so surrised that some of you who care much more about their cannas havnt gottem them to bloom and mine was ignored almost all summer and bloomed hehe. My neighbor has some down the block and they are around 6ft tall. Keep in mind I planted this fiarly late, but have gotten a pup that is now growing inside to be put in its place for next year and hopefully they should reach a similar height.

Just thought I would share,


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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

So, you are saying, ignore them, like bad children, and they will vy for our attention? ;-) (Just in fun.)

Beautiful pics. Nice cactus too.


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Careful! The cactus might get jealous and start blooming too. Neat combination.

~ Canna

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marquest(z5 PA)

Nice Pic thanks for sharing.

We are having an unusual warm fall here in Pa. I have cannas blooming all over the yard. I bring mine in usually by Sept. We have not had a frost yet.

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

My first experience with Cannas this year. Winter arrives fast here in Quebec, and as the season was closing, frosty nights approaching, I noticed that one of my cannas - Bronzeleaf Wyoming had formed a stalk with what looked like buds. Well, luckily it was in a large pot, so I brought it in the house and it bloomed just beautifully for a couple of weeks! I was very happy since most of my cannas were potted a bit late and did not produce blooms. Lovely orange blooms to match the foliage outside.

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euphemia(Toronto, ON)

Oh, you lucky you, Pat! Thanks for sharing the beautiful canna. This is also my first year experience with canna. I put in 5 cannas end of July. I tried to take good care of them. They were in full sun almost the whole day. They grew big but only one managed to bloom. There was another which grew a stalk with buds. I hung on to them for as long as I could, hoping this second one will bloom, but they finally got hit by frost yesterday and I had to dig them all up. I've now got huge rhizomes in two boxes inside my garage drying. How nice it is to have your canna blooming in November! But of course, you are in warmer Chicago and I am in Toronto, plus we didn't have a proper summer this year. Thanks for the beautiful picture again!

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