looking for advice on sick lantana

shinMay 21, 2012

I noticed recently that the lantana plants in my front yard seem to be affected by powdery mildew - many of the leaves also have black spots (is that a result of the mildew or something different?).

I heard these types of problems occur more frequently when the lantana is growing in a shaded area. These plants are in shade for half of the day -- full sun in the morning hours. I trimmed off much of the affected areas on the plants though I wasn't able to get everything.

Is it worth it to try and see if I can nurse the plants back to health now that they've been thinned out some, or does it really just need to be in a place that gets full sun for a longer portion of the day?

Would you be able to suggest a plant that would do well in a more shaded area? I live in San Diego (Normal Heights) and would love to use plants that are more native to the area -- especially ones that would be attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Hummingbird sage is good for partial shade, it's native, and hummers love it, of course. It smells very nice, and I like the flowers. It can get mildew and sometimes it gets budworms. Sorry I can't be of any help on the lantana question.

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Lantana is a full sun plant, for sure. I plant it here in those places where most plants can't take the heat. Our winter cold frosts it back, and after the frost we cut it back to about a foot from the crown. In your climate it probably does not frost, but I would cut it back anyway to get rid of the old growth, in the spring. That might help with the mildew problem. Al

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My experience with lantana,is that it is hard to kill.Mine must be close to 30 years old,actually now that i think of it,it is older than that.The reason i know that is it is something i had before dh retired from the Marine Corps in 74.I was still working then and i remember i came home from work one day and he had scalped it.Mind you he knew nothing about plants and such,and thought he was doing me a favor~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOT!! I almost cried,i thought it wouldn't come back and i told him that if he cut anything else down without checking with me first,we'd end up in divorce court,because he had also cut down our apricot tree..I was livid!!!
Lucky for him it came back,now every few years he hacks it back.It did get full sun all day,now it gets partial sun as he planted a new apricot tree in front of it.So when the tree is in full bloom and fruiting like now it doesn't get as much sun,but it doesn't look any worse for the lack of sun.Have never had a mildew problem with it either.

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Mine had that same spot even in full sun. I hit it with a rose remedy when I sprayed the roses and it cured it. I cut the flowers off first in case it was toxic to bees, butterflies.

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Lantana sometimes sulks near the coast. I think it likes drier air.

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I grew Lantana in Watsonville, known for foggy summers, about 4 miles from the ocean, without ever getting any fungus diseases. It was in full sun with the plants spaced to not overlap. Every spring all plants were cut back to about six inches. Al

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