Your favorite 3 cannas

ginnypenny(East TXZ8)November 28, 2009

I'm on a sand hill in East Texas and want to plant some cannas. I have a pond with a section that faces south and gets good sun.

Can someone give me some names of cannas to plant?

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I don't know if anyone in our area knows the names of cannas;
we mostly got them from our grandmothers & our aunts, who told us, "That one's yellow, that's the red one", "I got that one from an old neighbor".

I don't think there's a canna that *doesn't* grow well in your area;
if you get one with very dark or very light leaves, you'll need to put it in a lightly shaded area;
dark leaves wilt in our brutal sun,
& light leaves sunburn.
For a natural setting like around a pond,I'd post a "wanted" on freecycle ro craigslist or in my local shopper, offering to dig people's overcrowded cannas, & plant them all together.

Just be sure to protect them as much as possible from strong winds.

Best luck, & have fun!

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ginnypenny(East TXZ8)

Thank you for your reply. I have some that I got, just that way. I'll take your good advice and go on Craiglist and freecycle.

If it ain't fun, I quit doing it!

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I've got a bunch I can send you. Banana canna for one, it's a very good grower and is taking over again. Then the indian shot-small red flowers, heavy bloomer, mid-height, I have a yellow one also.
Let me know when it's warm enough to ship to you.

I actually got a few of those pass-a-long ones Id'd, I sent a bunch to a guy up north who wrote back later as excited as he could be. Of course, I have since lost the names-lost my book in the house fire last year.
Tally HO!

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ashley_plant_addict(Zone 8)

Beachplant, I'm sorry about the fire, one of my friends from high school had their house lost in a fire, its real tough. I've seen cannas growing at a house near my old apt and I had to have them! Ginny, I'm in Texas too, Dallas, where are you? I hope to get some cannas growing soon as well. -Ashley

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brhgm(z8b LA)

Banana Canna, King Humbert, Tropicanna are really nice in my yard. Banana seems to survive leaf rollers best.

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Ginny, Ashley I'm digging canna on Thursday 3-25-10 if it doesn't rain. If you want some of the banana canna drop me a note before then at and I'll ship you some too.
Tally HO!
Hope everyone has warmed.

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