Fall bloomers in z. 5b

ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)September 27, 2009

These are some of the plants blooming in my southern Ontario city garden this week, zone 5b, clay soil, part shade and usually on the dry side.

Anemone hybr. 'Andrea Atkinson' (single white)

Anemone hybr. 'Pamina' (dbl. dark pink)

Anemone tomentosa robustissima

Astilbe chinensis pumila

Arctanthemum arcticum 'Red Chimo'

Aster 'Monch'

Aster cordifolius

Aster divaricatus

Aster laevis e.g. 'Bluebird'

Aster nov.ang. eg. 'Alma Potschke', 'Harrington's Pink', 'Purple Dome'

Aster nov.belg. eg. 'Prof. Kippenberg'

Aster oblongifolius eg. 'October Skies'

Aster oolentangiensis

Aster pilosus

Aster shortii

Aster turbinellus

Aster umbellatum

Aster urophyllus

Aster vimineus

Callirhoe involucrata

Chelone lyonii

Colchicum 'Waterlily', 'The Giant' (hardy bulbs)

Corydalis lutea (everblooming spring to frost)

Dendranthemum 'Mary Stoker'

Eupatorium dubium 'Little Joe'

Eupatorium maculatum 'Gateway'

Eupatorium purpureum 'Purple Bush'

Gaura 'The Bride' (very long-blooming 4' white)

Geranium 'Ann Folkard'

Geranium 'Rozanne', 'Jolly Bee'

Helianthus 'Lemon Queen'

Heterotheca villosa ssp. villosa (yellow 4')

Heuchera 'Chantilly'

Heuchera villosa, H.villosa purpurea

Oregano 'Herrenhausen'

Phlox paniculata (several cultivars, almost finished blooming)

Rudbeckia fulgida, several cultivars/natives

Rudbeckia hirta eg. Indian Summer, etc

Rubbeckia triloba

Sedum 'Autumn Fire', 'Hester'

Solidago bicolor

Solidago caesia

Solidago flexicaulis

Solidago nemoralis

Solidago rigida

Solidago rugosa eg. 'Fireworks'

Solidago sempervirens

Solidago sphacelata eg. 'Golden Fleece'


Allium 'Ozawa'

Aster nov.ang. 'Hella Lacey'

Chrys./Dendr. 'Hillside Sheffield'

Chrys./Dendr. 'Mei-Kyo'

Physostegia 'Vivid'

To make it easier (for me) I have listed all aster-types under aster and all solidago-types under solidago. Many of these have new-fangled, unpronouncible scientific names.

If you're looking for fall bloomers, don't forgot the ornamental grasses, both native and non-native. They contribute a lot to the overall look of a fall garden. In recent years I have added Colchicum bulbs to poke through groundcover such as low sedum. They are squirrel-proof, and look beautiful planted near, but not through, Aster Woods Pink.

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Don't forget, roses are still in bloom. lavenders still are going strong, annual sages, gaillardias, coleus are also blooming which look nice. my rudbeckia goldsturm are still blooming despite that some are dying out.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

And don't forget hardy hibiscus and Russian sage. Woody material is important to mix into perennial gardens - heptacodium is wonderful for its fall flowers and viburnums with showy fruit are a great addition too. 'Pink Beauty' potentilla is still producing some flowers, although it's not as prolific as in previous months. 'Queen Elizabeth' rose is a stunning, disease resistant bloomer into late October - every garden should have one!. (Unfortunately, it's out of this picture on the right...)

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gouramikeeper(4b (US), 5a (Canada))

Does anyone know where to get Solidago 'Golden Fleece' by mail order in Canada? Every nursery I've checked with here in Ottawa is horrified at the thought of ANY goldenrod!

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Hi ontnative,
This is a big long list! You must have a beautiful show.How about posting photos?
I would be more than happy to see them.Thank you for posting that list.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Heritage Perennials market Solidago 'Golden Fleece' in Canada, but I'm not sure off-hand where you can get it by mail-order here.
I don't do pictures yet, but I may get my DH to take some and show me how to put them on photobucket.

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