Jade grafting update

ndayMay 24, 2010

Hey everyone,

A while back I posted a question about if grafting jades was possible. I didn't get a conclusive response, so I decided to experiment and see what I could do. People knew it could be done, but no one that responded had successfully done it.

Either over Christmas break or spring break, I whacked one of my large jades. I also lopped a branch from another one of my jades and cut both at a diagonal. I matched up the segments and wrapped twine around the stem since I only had a night to do it and had no quality grafting materials around. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of that stage of the process.

I just got back home yesterday, and over those few months it looks like the graft took. Here are the pictures:

This is the plant with the twine still attached. The entire top foliage is grafted on.

Closeup of twine & graft.

Twine removed.

Closeup on graft after twine. Note the aerial roots it tried to develop before (I assume) the graft took.

Another closeup. Here you can see where the real meat of the graft took.

With the success of this project, I really want to try a FrankenJade with branches of hobbit, gollum, compact, normal, hummel's sunset etc. It would take time, though, and right now the only other variety I have is a small gollum. Someday, though...

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Sorry about the huge size of the pictures! I thought image shack resized them, but apparently not.

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Also, here are some pics of another project. I'm trying to graft these two trunks together while growing it around a hunk of granite. We'll see what happens. The granite is already starting to get swallowed around the edges.

The whole plant.

A closeup on the granite chunk.

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neat. some questions:

before removing the twine, did you notice the leaves on the grafted on part swell when you watered the entire plant? i'm guessing that's a good way to tell if the graft took.

how sturdy is the link between the two pieces?

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The leaves are mostly plumped back up now, but I can tell that there's not enough space for enough water to get completely through, because some are still sort of wrinkly, while on a normal jade I'd think they'dve plumped up by now.

The link is fairly sturdy - after I removed the twine, I transported the jade out of my room, down the stairs and out onto the porch without supporting the top part. This morning I noticed that the weight of the leaves was bending the top part at the graft, but it still held. I reinforced it with some wire and am going to whack the top later this evening.

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I tried grafting four different with no success. Norma

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Do you mean you tried grafting four different kinds of jades together, like Gollum and regular?

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I realize this is an old thread but it gave me hope that I could save my broken Jade that met with gravity and the floor yesterday, I fear if the graft doesn't take I'll have to prune the other side to balance it out or keep it with a permanent crutch.

This was my first attempt last night using only a pink shotgun shell hull, black string, kabob skewers, toothpicks and some black electrical tape.

This is my second attempt and I'm sealing the seams of the wound with wax the same as I have with hybridized fruit trees to keep it from oxidizing and sealing off the capillaries before the graft takes.

I really hope this takes, I grew this baby from a little pair of 1/2" leaves I found at my folks ship center in a box of packing peanuts 18 years ago.


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Well as I suspected a 90 degree graft was a bad idea...
The wax cracked when I moved it days after the first post I made and I noticed that the edges had already contracted...

I noticed a few days ago that it appeared that *if* the graft had taken it was only thru an area just smaller than a pencil...

Then yesterday morning I came out to the studio to find the graft had fallen off completely.

Decided to try *once* more this time with an offset V cut, and using a small miter gauge to assure the cuts were 100% straight.

I used medical wrap, latex free, that sticks to itself and wrapped that sucker as tight as I could get it. When done I couldn't wiggle the grafted branch at all.

I ended up adding a single strand of black tape at the center most point of the graft as it appeared that overnight the cooling of the house had let the medical wrap loosen a little.

Hopefully this time it takes, if it does I think next summer I'll dock the dangling branch on the left and the new plant at the base and graft those to the central stalk of this plant see if I can't rebuild some of the lost foliage.

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Nearly Complete failure on this one. I think it got a little too humid out here and she rotted.

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I am beginning to think grafting a Jade is not possible. I have not heard one story of a successful attempt.


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