FloraLife for cut flowers

yugoslavaSeptember 24, 2012

When Canada Bloom had a lot of vendors, as in the past, I was able to buy some things that were not widely available. One of them was Flora-life, a flower preservative, which extended life of cut flowers considerably. Like all good things, I've finally run out and am not able to find it. When I see it somewhere I can only get it if I buy fresh flowers. I have flowers in my garden from early spring to late fall and I cut some every few days. Even in the winter I have few things blooming indoors. Besides, most of the flowers in the flower trade are heavily treated and I prefer not to bring them in the house. If some of you read this and know where I can get some Flora Life please let me know. Sherridan doesn't sell it, same with Metro.

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Maybe you could talk to someone at a flower shop and see if they would sell it to you without the flowers. Just sit down with the phone book and start calling. You never know what they might say. :-)

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Thanks, I guess that's next.

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