Companion Planting and other photos

kasha77July 18, 2010

Here's some photos thus far- only a few are blooming- Jamaican Yellow- VERY fragrant.

Also some photos of companion plants that seem to benefit my brugs-

Russian sage- seems to keep pests away, and my plants seem healthier being next to them.

4 O'clocks keep moisture high around my brugs and very little weeds can grow near them. Pretty too! Also a photo of the nursery consisiting of some of my cuttings that I started this past winter. Hope you enjoy!


Cassie Todd Brug bed

Nursery of winter started cuttings

Sorry if these are too large- I'm not sure how to reduce the size for viewing.

Hope you enjoy!


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Kasha! Your brugs look awesome....really nice. It does
appear that the sage keeps the buggies away. Will you
plant all of your cuttings into the ground next season?
You have a ton :):)


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Wow Kathy, that last picture sure is a big nursery! I love the way the Russian Sage looks next to the broken-colored 4 o'clocks. Great job!

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Margaret- There's over 100 brugs in the nursery- I don't have any more room in my garden for them- I've already planted 75 named varieties in my gardens! Hopefully, I'm going to sell the excess or trade them off.

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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

Very nice Kathy!!!...I set most of my brugs in my flower beds this year...Critters aren't too bad...Next year I may plant more directly in the ground.

Your brugs look so healthy and happy :)

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Knotz- If I were you, I would definetely plant my brugs in ground- they wouldn't freeze in your zone, would they? I'll bet the PNW is like a rain forest for brugs. Might be perfect conditions, right? I've planted mine in a mixture of sand and horse manure with sawdust, so it's highly nutritious and fast draining, I also feed with Bayer's 2 in 1 systemic and fertilizer. They look way better this year than last, & I didn't have the horsey stuff last year.
thanks for the compliments!

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threas(z7 PA)

Looks beautiful,Kathy!

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Lovely pics, very healthy plants i must say.. thanks for sharing!!


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WOW!! very NICE!! Is that a pink bloom in the 4th picture? very nice shade of pink. I will begin planting other flowers with my brugs!! I have a couple of brugs growing in containers, I wonder if it is no too late to transplant to the ground, maybe wait for a rainy day? anybody?

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Your brugs look nice and healthy and I love broken color 4:00's.

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This was one of my favorite companion plantings, CG and a dwarf sunflower. I wish I could reproduce it but the sunflowers I've tried are outgrowing the brugs.
For some reason GW won't allow me to attach a code for a thumbnail so you have to c&p this link.

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Kathy, sure have a lot of potted and planted brugs -- definitely a nursery! Do you water by hand?

Karyn, what a beautiful combo! The picture is pretty enough to blow up and hang somewhere!

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no- that's not a pink flower, but pink surveyor's tape. I identify all my brugs with a labeled piece of tape tied to the branch, and a marked strip of venetian blind in the ground, just to make sure I don't end up with any more noids! Eloise- I do water by hand- it seems that when I've justed finished watering, I have to start all over again! LOL! Takes me about 2 hours a night to water all of my brugs. I love it- they're my children. I'm hoping to get a large greenhouse this fall from Tractor Supply, any brugs that I can't fit in the basement will overwinter in there. The large amount of cuttings in the shaded side of my garden will hopefully get sold off this fall when folks see them in bloom. They're nothing to look at til then!

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