Euphoria million care

goddess9(7b)May 22, 2012

I've just recently chucked my beloved crown of thorns. It was fine for a few months, then I decided to do a complete repot. It hated it. Yellow leaves were a plague, even when I let it dry out. I had to throw it away once the branches got really pliable. So sad!

I never watered it too much - watered and let dry. It a fertilized at half strength at every watering. I'd say it got water maybe twice a month. It sat in a sunny west facing window.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? I want another but not before I find out what might have went wrong first. I see some of you guys here with beautiful miliis... Give me your advice! Thanks. :)

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You fed it too much for one. You don't say what kind of soil it was in, but I'm guessing that too might have led to its demise. If it were a potted plant, I'd guess watering no more than 4x a month would have been good to do.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Goddess,

Well, sorry you lost the plant, that can be a bummer.

First of all, its correct name is Euphorbia milii (crown of thorns). Sounds like it had some problem w/ its mix, either too wet or too dry. I've never seen one of these too wet, am inclined to think it got way too dry.

Sounds like it was too thirsty. It may not be obvious (yes they are succulents) but these plants are heavy drinkers.

I grow 4 or 5 of them, indoors in plastic pots (not clay) all have humidity trays under them & I water these heavily every week, or every 10 days (a stretch for them if it's hot). They all live in west windows & I fertilize them at every 2nd or 3rd watering.

When you get the next one, perhaps try working to perfect the watering BEFORE starting to fertilize.

ALL of mine (well, almost all, 4 of 5) are blooming. I've got white, yellow & bright red blooms all on somewhat different shaped leaves.

I admire & respect your determination to improve how you grow of these plants.

Sorry for your loss & we'll help you do better for next time!

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Damn phone! Sorry guys, I know the name of this plant! Haha. Euphorbia milii. I hate auto correct. I'm currently on my phone and wish I could edit.

Thanks guys. :)

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Okay, now I'm on my computer.

So I'm making mortal mistakes with my Euphorbias. I think I killed both with too much fert.

It was bought coming in a peaty soil. It got water maybe every 7-10 days and it would warn me if I overwatered. Then I repotted because I was convinced the soil was that awful. It was in a compost-based, organic soil with no peat in it. Mostly pine bark, coir, perlite. I amended it with some vermiculite and more perlite. I guess it didn't like it! It's fast draining but I don't think I will include vermiculite in my mix for plants like this.

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