Pics of how to divide giant clump?

clickermel(z6a SW Ohio)December 4, 2005

Here's my dilemma:

First year with cannas. Got one tuber/rhizome from a friend . . . went to dig it up last Thursday (after several overnight frosts) and it is now a 3-4' diameter clump. This thing is huge; it must have at least 30 new tubers and the entire clump weighs at least 40#.

It is too cold outside now to hose it off, and the thing is too big to fit into my sink :). I have never divided anything before this year, and am unsure of where to divide these rhizomes so I can wash them off and soak them in the bleach solution and all that.

Any ideas? Should I just let the dirt dry (I got as much off in the garden as I could) and brush it off as it dries?

We are going to do our best to keep the thermostat at 55 degrees this winter, and I think that's in the proper temperature range, so hopefully closet storage shouldn't be a problem.

Does anyone have a link to a pictorial of how to divide these things? I don't want to lose any!


:-) Mel

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

It is too late for me to take photos of what I do, as mine have been asleep for over a month.

I usually do my final division in the spring before potting up. That way I can see which eyes are going to be viable. Here someone else thinks that way as well.,1785,HGTV_3610_1396593,00.html

Here is another link that gives good description.

However, I did find this link with pictures. It may be useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: dividing canna

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clickermel(z6a SW Ohio)

Thanks for the links, Jroot. The one with the pictures showed rhizomes that look quite a bit different from mine! Mine are more oval-shaped, pretty big, and a dark purplish-red.

I think I'd be more comfortable dividing in the spring, as it will be easier to see where to cut. I don't know where to make the cuts, or if the new rhizomes can be gently pulled off, or what. I don't know how to find the eyes.

My problem is storing such a massive clump. One of the articles you shared did say it was better to leave some of the original soil on, so perhaps I could put them in a giant garbage bag filled with peat moss? Do I moisten the peat at all first or just leave it dry?

I might have to divide the monster clump at least in half, though, to get it to be a store-able size. That's what I need to know -- how to figure out where to cut. I left the stalks on to about 8" high as that's what I had read. Are the stalks any indication of where to cut?

And can I use cinnamon as a fungicide? (I know it's what you should use on orchids, and I just used some last night when I repotted.)

Thanks in advance!!!

:-) Mel

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SandiBluffs(z4 WI)

This is what I have done : 1. dig up the tubers 2. cut the stems off 3. dry for a few weeks 4. break them apart so they will fit into my box--I leave 1-3 growing tips on each one, break the excess soil off 5. place in a box with sawdust as a filler 6. store in garage at 50* till Spring(June) SB

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