Cacti Dish Gardens

JustJeanneJMay 31, 2012

I want to either buy or set one up. I have Miracle Gro cacti potting medium but all the pictures I see look like they are potted in rocks and sand? So is it more cost efficient to make one myself or buy one online somewhere, if buying is more efficient, where is a good spot to start, do they come in the container already, or do the plants come seperately and you pot, or do they come with all the "Ingredients" that I will need and I just put it together? Anyone got any suggestions for good combos? I live in Wisconsin and want it small enough to leave out this summer and bring inside this winter. TIA, Jeanne

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I think you should make your own! You save a bunch of money that way. I plant mine with regular good draining cactus soil, then put rocks and what not on top

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I would research soils. There is a lot of different advise on here about soils. I would also get plants that are well matched in temperament. separate between winter growers and summer growers and also some cactus take less moisture than others. Especially if you are mixing cactus and succulents. I have a lot of fun with decorative rocks creating changes in soil level. It is so much more fun than buying a dish garden. The store just mixes them willy nilly and then they die. You can do better.

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Yeah i recomend researching the cacus needs to ... before i knew much about them i put a melocactus with some other things ... and since they need water in winter it kinda ... died O_o i have 6 cactus gardens and they are the number one thing i enjoy making :)

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