'Teardrop' plant--need real name

greenjewels(Z8/9 MsGulfCoast)May 12, 2008

Years ago I had a plant I knew as Teardrop plant. Now I realize it was a succulent and I would like to get another one. It had pointed leaves and each leaf was edged with tiny "rosettes" for lack of a better term. They were the same texture and color of the leaf (not a flower). Of course, they would drop off into the soil and form new plants. Can anyone tell me what this plant is? I appreciate you help.

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The genus is either Byrophyllum or Kalanchoe, many of which go by the common name "Mother of Millions." One of the most popular is Bryophyllum tubiflorum. Beware that these plants reproduce at a stunning rate and are considered a weed by many people. Please take care not to introduce them into any sensitive environments...

In any event, you'll have to do some Googling to find pictues that look like the long lost plant you are trying to replace.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Yup, that's right, tho' personally, I would have thought the most common one is K or Bryophyllum daigremontiana rather than tubiflora.

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At least here in Southern California, B. tubiflorum is everywhere. A trip into any nursery will demonstrate just how weedy this guy can be. Sadly, most nurseries will just let the B. tubiflorum kill the original plant, and then sell the volunteer to some unsuspecting customer...

Personally, I am one of the "it's a weed!" people and won't grow any of the plantlet forming species in my collection. However, as far as weeds go, they are pretty awesome. The speckeled foliage is really cool, the plantlets add a wonderful visual detail, and the blooms are really spectatcular (B. daigremontiana especially).

Different strokes for different folks I suppose. If you like them, grow them! But seriously, do take care not to accidentaly introduce them into a wild habitat.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

Hi Karen, and the documented species are even more desirable, showing an umbrella of red flowers when in flower. They look great planted out among the cactus, even though they come from two continents. It's prettier than other weeds, and besides snails need something to eat. Norma

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greenjewels(Z8/9 MsGulfCoast)

Well, this has all been very informative. Thanks everyone. When I grew it many moons ago I lived in Alaska and it was a houseplant. I think under the circumstances I will once again keep it as a houseplant. Should be quite a conversation piece but I'm not interested in adding anything invasive to the environment.

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Seriously, though, put it on the window sill by itself. The leaves will drop into other plants and root like made crazy. I had one 4" plant that I put in a small square garden in front of my house between the front door and driveway. That bad boy flowered and dropped all of its leaves afterwards. I had, not kidding here, over 300 plants growing the following spring. They were in the bricks of my house, in the cracks on the driveway next to the garden, in pots next to the garden, and even in a little nook between the driveway and garage door that had nothing but pine needles in it. I have since pulled them all up at the base so as to get the root. The pot that was next to the bed (which is in one of thosed raised metal pot holders) had about 10 caladiums in it and they were all choked out by the 50 or so B. tubiflorum now growing there. I haven't gotten them to flower since taking them out of the ground. I don't water them and god for bid, I don't feed them. They now sit about 10 feet from any other dirt! I wish everything grew as well!

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THe other name I bought it under is the Chandelier Plant.

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greenjewels(Z8/9 MsGulfCoast)

Jennysgarden.com has the one I was looking for under the name Bryophyllum crenatodaigremontianum. Thanks to all of you for getting me on the right track.

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