Aloe Vera- Browning of tips- General help needed!!!

chubbersMay 16, 2006

Hello fellow aloe vera lovers!

I have had my plant for around 4 years. It has been flourishing well until now. It's quite a large ish house plant with 3 main section plants and lots of other 'baby' plants shooting up from the soil. Its located in a north-west facing window in Scotland- so not particularly warm!

Some of the baby shoots are already brown and hollow. Some of the main parent plant leaves are now beginning to go brown, cripsy and hollow at the tips and are curling in on themselves.

I would be really grateful for some expert advice on how to proceed as I love my plant.

- should I remove all baby shoots coming through soil as they are sapping life/nutrients from the main parent plant.

-does the browning/crispying of leaves mean I am over or under watering? At present I am watering only once a month.

-Ive just lifted the whole plant really easily out of its pot complete with soil and root. The roots seem to be taking over the whole pot with hardly any soil. Soil easily crumbles away. Should i repot into a larger pot?

I would be really grateful for any advice.

with thanks in advance

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

Remove the plant and give it fresh soil and pot. It needs far more sun, it comes from, they believe from Northern Africa. (those who studied this species)
I live in a hot arid inland valley , I grow mine in the sun.
Don't move the locatiion quickly or you will burn the plant. Don't let the tips touch the glass windows. I notice that you are from Scotland. For sure the poor plant will need more sun. The leaves should be stiff and growning upright, and not spread out. L.E. Newton thinks it came from Arabia it is widely cultivated in Mediterranean areas (since ancient times)Also found growing in India and the West Indies. This information was copied right out of a book. What I'm getting at is that is loves the heat, and good sun. Make sure it is growing in at least a gallon size container, with good fast draining mix. Remember to fertilize, give fresh air to breath, it will need good air circulation. The dry tips could be caused by a drying out of the soil, too much water, to much artifical heat. So many things come into play. Many species naturally grow with dry tips. Sansevieria come to mind. Norma

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Hi there, same problem happened to my aloe vera last year. All symptoms that you have mentioned were applicable to my plant. This is what I did: I prepared a nice 27cm terra cotte pot with a cactus mix. Then I gently pulled out my sad looking aloe vera and placed it in her new pot. The whole transplanting was done with utmost care not to break any roots or make any damage. Plant had barely noticed it was moved in a larger pot. After transplanting, i waited another 4 days (to make sure plant heals itself in case any small, unnoticed damage occured). Its placed on south-east balcony glass door and receives lots of light. It regenerated itself fully within a month and grew much stronger and thicker since i transpotted it. Hope this info helps a bit. Cheers,Anton

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Because your Aloes have been in the same pot and new shoots sprouted, the roots are now taking up more room..therefore you can either take plant out of pots, remove shoots w/roots, or place plant in a larger pot..Or, water more often than whatever you're watering.
Because Aloes are succulent they don't need a lot of humidity, so it's probably being underwatered which is better then overwatered, but still will cause brown tips. Keep us posted how it does. Toni

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I have recently moved to Toronto, Canada from Tampa, Fla. The first thing that I am trying to grow here is an Aloe Vera Plant. I bought two small plants repotted them into one larger pot. The Plant seemed to take ok, then one day the pot was knocked over. I added more soil mixture and secured the plant and its roots but it seems the plant is doing poorly now. Also, it has been raining and over cast compared to what it was before. I am not sure what is affecting the plant, if it is the lack of sun and too much water from the weather, or if it is from the plant turning over. I would hope not to lose my first plant in a new country. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Sorry folks, I don't mean to hijack your thread but I've got an unrelated question for Norma...

Norma, you said you grow yours in sun. Full sun or part sun? Since they're getting more light than the average house aloe vera do they have a nice red or pink hue to them?

I moved a few of my small aloes outside into mostly sun after a couple weeks acclimation time and they started to get pink. From what I've read, this is okay within moderation. Can aloe veras be adjusted to full sun all day?

Again, sorry to hijack.

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I had bought an aloe plant about 4 yeas ago and it was a very thick and staulky plant; full and broad leafs. Now after the years it's leafs have gotten thinner and longer and the staulk/stem has grown up to about 11 inches high. How do I keep the plant from growing upwards and keep the leafs thicker and more upright. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I live in the nevada desert and have had my aloe vera plant for many years. it has always been it direct sun outdoors and has always done very well. Last winter we had above average below freezing days and the leaves have turned brown. The inner leaves are still a pretty green. Can i just remove the brown leaves? How do i save it?

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