marricgardensSeptember 17, 2009

I've tried growing this for the past 2 years. I first tried the bluetopia. It grew but didn't even flower til late August. This year my bluetopia didn't even grow so I went out and bought some snowtopia. It grew like mad. This one didn't start to flower til late August and is now covered with flowers. I was windering how soon you start yours indoors? I started mine in mid March. I thought they were supposed to be a summer flowering plant. I think I will bring mine indoors and treat them the same as I do my geraniums for the winter. We'll see if they survive. Marg

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Stokes seeds says your varities take 10 to 12 weeks from seed, but that's in optimal greenhouse conditions.

You can take cuttings. All bacopa used to be from cuttings until they developed the bluetopia and snowtopia series.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Will the plant survive inside? I grew some from seed as well and it's doing fairly well. I really don't want to fuss with cuttings right away.

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I don't really know. I think it would if you treat it like a houseplant. Whether it goes dormant like the Geraniums you mentioned is another story. It would be worth a try. It would only freeze outside anyway.

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I actually brought both my planters in. They are covered with flowers right now. Hate to cut it back, they look really nice. I will enjoy the flowers while they last, but I'm sure that, like most annuals, it will start to die down later. Then I'll just trim everything back and treat them as my geraniums. I'll let you know in the spring how they did. Marg

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

My geraniums don't really go dormant. I just water them less, but they continue to put out a bit of new growth and the occasional flower. Maybe bacopa will react the same. Last year i brought in some dichondra and it did okay for awhile but then it suddenly dried up and died.

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sharont(z5 can)

Marg, I grew white Bacopa from seed this year as an experiment to see bloom time here in Zone 5a. Here it also started blooming sparingly in mid August. The stems are still a bit short and not full. Should I have pinched it back? I'm assuming bacopa needs an eight week period in heat and humidity of a greenhouse to bloom famously. So I'm a little dissappointed, but will bring several baskets inside under lights into my cool basement along with the geraniums and with sparse watering keep alive. Perhaps I'll have beautiful plants next spring!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

My poor bacopa didn't get 8 weeks of heat and humidity outside this summer, let alone in a greenhouse! LOL I'll bring it and the dichondra in for the winter and hope for the best. :)

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