Dierama 'pulcherimum' - transplanting

rcharles_gw(8a.)September 29, 2013

I have had a Dierama pulcherimum in one area for quite some time and I am going to move it. For two reasons.
Site needed for something else and want it closer to house. This particular one has never bloomed for me and I have had it in this location for 3-4yrs. now.

I understand that they are fussy about being moved?
If anyone has experience with these and could give me some info on them for flowering and transplanting.
I would very much appreciate it.

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I looked this one up as well but have not grown it before

I think though my opinion would be

if you want to move it
just move it

It is your garden and you are the master of it
Is so lovely caring and creating ones gardens.

SOme palnts I have moved and they do better. Others not so well

Just have to make a decision and do it

Or leave it as is
Seems to me though that if I have in mind to move it I might just as well do so as if I leave the plant where it is, it bothers me. Is an experience to move it actually and then wait til next year to see what happens.

Gardens seem to be about time and patience.
There is my two cents and not very well written

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