Adeniums in Canada - others that have them

rcharles_gwSeptember 29, 2013

I have been growing these remarkable plants for many years now and enjoy them so much.
Just curious as to whether their are others in Canada with these.

I do realize that there is a forum on these "Adeniums", but thought that possibly there are some not aware of it?

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Hi Rick

I should have but didn't recognize the name of the plant. The proper name

Should have as I have a number of them growing, in pots, in my gardens down in Florida

I am though Canadian nd live in Barrie
but have a place a number of years now, in Florida

Is interesting growing them down there

When I am there for five month I tidy up the pots the plants are in and give them extra water and a bit of fertilizer
But when I am not there, they sit just out in mostly sun in their pots and manage just fine on their own with whatever rain water and conditions they get

Have not lost one of them

I did even go to a couple of specialized meetings and groups about them down there Boy some are very serious about growing these plants and they are producing all sorts of variations. I would think that here in the winter you would mostly not do anything with them Just keep them alive and in sun not to much water at all Is that what you would say as well

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Most of mine do not lose leaves, but they stop growing until the spring. Then I take outside for summer and they perform so nicely. The flowers last for weeks as you I am sure already know.
Yes, many of the people are very strong in their approach with these Adeniums.
I find that many people on Garden web do not necessarily individualize to a certain genus, so I thought I would make a posting just to see who in Canada might have them.
Thanks for answering.

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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

Rick; Just thought that I would say that I have a Adenium (1) that I grew from seed. It is approx. 2 years old but has yet to flower.They seem to be very easy to care for...seem to thrive on neglect as they say. I am in southwestern Ontario so it comes in under lights for the winter but has enjoyed itself outside since spring. Enjoy!Ross.

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I have never actually watched for seeds on the flowers

That is interesting
Maybe something I might try as well
Did you purchase the seeds or they where from your on plants

Gardening for sure can be as simple or complex and involved

Some people become so involved in plants or particular plants

Yet others are happy with a few perennials at the front entrance and purchasing a bouquet at Zehrs or where ever weekly for the table.j

Guess for me I fall somewhere in between it all

Will you keep your Adeniums in cool conditions during winter or regular house temperature

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Most of mine are from seed. Many of them are 2 yrs. old and some just started to produce buds, but it will be too late for them as temps. cooled down and light is not as strong.
All inside now receiving south facing light and temps. around 58-60 F.

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I have two which have kept their leaves, like yours, through two consecutive winters - I just have to resist the urge to repot them in winter. They're outside on the sw side of the house in the summer and they love it, but they've still not flowered (perhaps because of the bonsai underpotting I give them). I'll get some pictures soon.

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My older plants (grafted) had bloomed this summer. I wouldn't think that under potting should stop them from blooming? I fertilize mine with 1/2 strength 2-7-7 cactus through out the winter months and that is not often.
In late spring when they really start to put growth on I use 24-8-16 or 20-20-20 at 1/2 strength (as long as watering 1/wk.,) if more often, then 1/4 strength.
Seems to work so far.
Would love to see some photo's.

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