grrrrr...any idea if this is possible to do?.

KittieKATMay 18, 2014

So i have this mini mammilliaria gracilis fragilis (??)
And it was covered in these cute little webbed balls of cacti pups....until my bf decided to 'accidentally' pull a few off by touching them to see what they feel like....grrrr. not to happy right NOW! Was wondering if there's any way to PROP the little pups he 'accidentally' popped off...or not?

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aww I got them a few weeks ago from walmart. I have about 5 or 6 pups that were on the soil. Ive placed them in a seperate pot ontop of soil (didnt press or bury into the soil). They will eventually grow roots.

i actually wanted to do this because it just meant I will have more of the same plant. Its just like succulent leafs when they fall and take root.

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Yea i did that as well, just wasn't sure if i had to cut the bottom off a little bit or add rooting powder. Thought I'd double check on here

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Well lets wait for the more experienced to answer. Ive had mine sitting for a few weeks now and just picked one up, there seem is a single, small stem on each it seems. Its taken longer than I wouldve liked though. I did not water them either for the first few weeks.

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Don't cut the bottom off. Just sit it in the soil and it'll root eventually. Don't tug on it every now and then either to see if it's rooted, you might inadvertently remove the tiny root it has forming.


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Yea i just kinda wait until the leaves either die off or root....hopefully they'll root or my bfs gonna have a very very unhappy gf!

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This plant is known for the segments easily falling off...If you just place on top of the planting medium, they should root easily.


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Well i guess he's lucky...for now..that is.

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