I goofed big time!

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)January 31, 2011

Irishdreamer23 is a Newbie trying wintersowing for the first time this year. She posted on the regular wintersowing forum last week with much excitement and several of us gardenweb members offered her Free seeds because we knew what generous GW members sent us seeds last year to get started and we have not forgot the feeling. When we offered to send her seeds, we didn't realize she lived in Canada. I do not know how costly it will be or what difficulty we would run into or if allowed to ship seeds out of the USA or what custom laws are so I sent her a regret email just now, feeling like a real heel.

I referred her to the Canadian wintersowing forum for advice on what she can plant in her zone and when she should do it. Is there anyone on this forum that would like to start a Newbie Free seeds project for Canadian wintersowers like Bakemom does here in the USA? You will find her email address on her page.

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pippi21, no worries! :)
irishdreamer23 responded to an offer I had placed on our Canadian exchange forum. I offered a surprise pack to anyone joining GW in the month of January. I sent off a good sized pack to her on Thursday and she should be receiving it this week.

I have traded on a small basis (three or four packs) with US gardeners and never had a problem. Of course a large bubble envelope may be another matter. Not sure what the cost would be for something a lot larger to the US

and in response to the 'would anyone like to start a newbie free seeds project for Canadian wintersowers' question,...yes I would love to but not sure how to go about it or if it would go over well. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. :) how about it fellow Canadian WS? is it a good idea that would 'go over'?

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Post a message on the regular wintersowing forum to Bakemom, she evidently has done this for several years now and I feel sure she will be glad to tell you how she runs hers. This is a Personal project for her. Last year I understand that she wasn't able to do it and everybody missed her but I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this lady.

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