what's everyone doing?

celtic_07(3b)January 27, 2012

Hi there doesn't seem to be any activity at the site Anyone started seeds yet? Lois

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Hi Lois,
I am mainly waiting for more favourable conditions for WS. every time we get any cold temps or snow, it is gone in a day or two and it warms up and becomes downright balmy, and pours rain in buckets. Lots of muddy feet (eight big ones) several times a day when the dogs go out for their bathroom break!~ :)

I have made up my list of possibilities, but it is so big that it needs to be 'revised'. I really need to get those perennials out there asap! I also had some houseplants that I intended to get planted this winter (inside of course LOL), but they are still sitting there. A very busy last few months, just not busy with planting. :) what have you been doing? :)


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Hi Lois -such a great name not heard lots
I am hoping to start some perennials staring in Feb. This will be the first time attempting this.I have tons of seeds saved some from last year and this year- unable to plant any last year as shoulder was fractured and had the last? surgery done this xmas ( total replacement).Have lots of large mixed greens plastic containers.
Can't wait to get started need to get starter soil still. Everyones pics are very encouraging.
take care Lois

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wow, Lois! it sounds like you have had a very painful time. I hope you are on your way to a quick and complete recovery now and that it is all behind you.

well it was not the greatest day to WS but the mood hit (and I had the time! :)) so out went some containers. Planted gaillardia 'arizona', gaillardia 'mesa yellow', lupinus perennis and pink, fig leafed hollyhock. columbine 'cearulis'.
I may do a few more perennials, but the rest will probably be annuals. At least they can wait a while.

Very mild out there today--8 degrees. I hope it cools a bit for the sake of my WS!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I planted several containers last weekend, but only have 10 containers altogether. I've really slowed down on winter sowing in the past couple of years. I do a lot of annuals in late March, early April, though, and that will be the bulk of my WSing this year.

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