Looking fo some host plant seeds

karyn1(7a)August 14, 2011

I hope nobody minds my posting here as I haven't had any luck on the seed exchange. I'm looking for A. macrophylla and tomentosa seeds as well as buttonbush seeds. I have a few passifloras and a few different asclepias seeds as well as other seed varieties. I'll also have A. fimbriata seeds as soon as pods ripen. TIA

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I've got some real big A. tomentosas, but I've never gotten the first seed pod. :) 'Plenty of flowers, but they never get pollinated. I'm going to try Sandy's hand pollination method next spring.
I'm keeping my eye on my buttonbush for seeds, but with all the spent flower balls on the big bush, I'm not seeing what look like seeds. I'll keep looking, though.

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Karyn, I was trying to look at your trade list, but saw you hadn't posted anything on it.

I have buttonbush seeds I got in a trade here...the germination rate was low but I got the two plants I was hoping for and they have both grown 3-4 feet tall in year 1.

I would be happy to trade. Please let me know exactly what you have that attracts butterflies. Thanks, Tony

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Thanks Sherry, appreciate it.

Hi Tony. I'm terrible about keeping my haves/wants list current so I don't post one. I don't have much besides some asclepias and VA Snakeroot that's hardy to zone 4. If you had poor germination a year ago I'm guessing the viability is even less now, especially if the seeds haven't been stored in the fridge, but thanks for the offer.

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