oooh NoOoOooOoo! my Semp!!

KittieKATMay 14, 2014

So one of my pots of Sempervivum fell over due to wind, the 2 pups rolled away from there mother...sooo i tried to repot them ALL back in the same pot I'm hoping they will all survive, i attached a picture of what they look like after i repotted them, do YOU think they will be OKAY?!?!

There NOT as close together as they once were but it was hard to get them that close together cause i couldn't get the soil fully around the roots, sooo I'm hoping this will do.

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a_shau(San Francisco 8b)

I have some of those and they have withstood some bad abuse from me. I think they'll be fine. That said, the soil looks really wet - did you water it after you potted them? If they don't have roots on them, I think they might get prone to root rot if the soil is wet. If that's the case, I think I would just repot them again in fresh cactus/succulent soil mix, knocking off some of the wet soil from the plant before putting them in the new soil. You don't have to go crazy making sure all the wet soil is off though, as they'll end up drying out in the new soil. I wouldn't worry too much though because I have learned that as long as you apply TLC, a lot of succulents can be really hardy!

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I'm no expert, but isn't it necessary to wait and let the broken-off bits callus for a few days before putting them in damp mix?

I separated some last year, planted them right away, and lost many....

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The soil just looks damp in three picture from the time of day and the shadow from my phone, the soil is just naturally a lil wet like when from the bag (you kno what I'm taking about) but other then that there just kinda looking a little bruised and sad at the moment from the fall......I'm hoping they will recover they are my favorite color and look so bright and nice on my porch..

Since there roots were very short and the plants have petals it was a challenge to repot them and not cover the leaves when covering the was a pain in the butt and they are kinda covered in dirt at the moment...but i used a little rooting powder on the roots to see if that helps them take to the new soil I've potted them in. I hope they do well in a few days I'd be heart broken if they died cause the wind was to strong! ! :-(

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Yes Missingtheobvious~
They should always be allowed to callous, after being disturbed.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry to keep harping on this, but no amount of rooting hormone will overcome the horrid peat- based mix that appears to be (wet no less, yikes, that's IDEAL environment for root rot). It just doesn't work that way.

FYI: Semps don't often do well indoors, I hear they're on your porch, so don't know what to think.

It seems you don't know this yet, but succulents (by & large) are not fragile or delicate plants. You needn't be so scared that stuff happened (& happens) to them.

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

You say the soil just looks damp , but then you say it is... even just a little damp out of the bag is bad news! cactus and succulents that have had roots disturbed or injured need time to callous . They should be put in a dry mix and left alone for about a week.

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They had roots, it was just like re-potting a plant that you bought at a store it wasn't like ripped apart just knocked over . The roots were in tack Just hard to pot them close together . There in a C&S mix with perlite hard to tell cause i put c&s mix in the top to secure the roots better

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

That's STILL a problem, the mix needs to be mixed up evenly in order to work right. One could just prop rocks around the plants to hold them in place w/out such peaty mix on top. Each pic you've shown of your mix shows it lacking in perlite. Several (2 or 3) of us have tried explaining to you this repeatedly.

Tell ya what. I'm going to stop responding to your questions 'cause elsewhere you said we're criticizing you for asking for help (which we're not). This was also pointed out to you yesterday by Nomen, that we were trying to help you (since you came asking for help).

Yet when we make suggestions of what to do or how to remedy things you ask about, you always know better (like about this mix on top & like the glass display case too).

So I'm done here, over & out.

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Actually the glass display case green house, works very well, thanks for mentioning.

Here's a picture of my mix, where is it lacking perlite? Just cause i don't like the look of perlite floating ontop of my soil how is THAT bad?

And when I'm saying some people are very *wave your finger* shunning towards people looking for help, its more about YOU then anyone else. So if you can't be helpful in a nice way, I'd rather not receive your help. Thanks

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