Will My CHerry Tree Fall?

BWinSFMay 4, 2013


I am in East Bay in SF Bay Area and as you can see from my picture, my cherry tree is about 12-15 ft. high and is growing at about a 45 degree angle. I believe it is clay soil that is is growing in.

I have read that they have shallow roots and am concerned it might eventually fall over. Is this a legitimate concern and, if so, is the best way to prevent it is to put a stake up against it to support it (and cut the top branches)?

Thanks in advance.

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A tree growing at such an angle is generally as a result of the light it is receiving. In your picture it is not possible to see what is effecting the light it receives. Al

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@ Calistoga- I took the picture standing almost due West of the tree. So during the day the sun travels towards me, almost directly overhead from the tree. The trunk, therefore, grew at almost a due North position while the branches now grow completely vertical, 90 degrees from the ground.

No idea how the trunk got that way as it was like that when we moved in.

Thanks for the reply.

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Here on the north edge of my woods, I planted a Fremontodendron that grew the same way as a result of the shade to the south. By driving a steel fence post into the ground at an angle to use as an anchor, I was able to use a Come-Along between the tree and the anchor to apply pressure over a couple of years to gradually straighten the stump. I also shortened the tree by one half, to make more of shrub than a tree. It had no trouble breaking out new growth. I am not sure about your cherry tree, but I would not let it continue as it is. Al

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

So it was like that when you moved in?

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