20+ eggs this morning!

mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)August 19, 2014

As some of you know, I had an attic fire earlier this year. I've been living in a lease house in another town, waiting for my home to be repaired. I am finally back home.

Went out this morning to wade through the mess that used to be my garden and lo and behold, I discovered monarch eggs on my milkweed. I'm not certain exactly how many but well over 20, which I brought in and will attempt to raise.

I found some tiny, just hatched cats one day while visiting the house but had to bring something back to put them in. The next morning all I could find was one little guy. I took him back with me, raised him and he was a perfect little male. That was maybe three weeks ago. Now I've found a treasure trove of eggs this morning. I've only seen one Monarch all summer besides the little guy I raised. Did not see Mama Monarch that left me these eggs but if she leaves more, I'll attempt to save and raise all I can find.

This year I have a lot of Asclepias Fruticosa (aka Gomphocarpus Fruticosus, Swan Plant) to use for food. I discovered eggs on this variety, on new growth on common and on Asclepias speciosa (Showy Milkweed). I looked over the Tuberosa but didn't find any eggs on it, although I have in past years. My incarnata and A variegata are through, with no leaves left on them. I think I prefer the Asclepias Fruticosa better than Oscar for my area of the country. It doesn't grow quite as tall and blooms a lot more than Oscar ever did for me. There are at least a couple of seed pods and if they mature and anyone is interested, I will share the seed of this variety until it's gone. Will post when it is available.

I have a few pots of Tropical but it didn't hold up well because of inattentive watering this summer.

Will post some photos once the little eggs hatch.


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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Congratulations! I'm sure you are thrilled and I'm so glad for you. It's good to know there are still Monarchs laying eggs. And those you have should head south to Mexico. Good luck raising them.


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MittenGirl(5 NW MI)

I had a female come through today and lay eggs all over. I was wondering if it was getting too late in the season for them to make it before the cold temps start.
Congrats on your find!

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

Thank you for the congrats and so happy to hear MittenGirl is also finding eggs. Does anyone know how the Monarch season is progressing?

I don't see mama Monarch in the garden but she's leaving more and more eggs. I must have between 40 and 50 eggs inside now. I'm becoming worried I won't have enough milkweed to feed all these little cats! The Asclepias fruiticosa doesn't have large leaves, about the same size as the Asclepias Physocarpus Oscar leaves, so it will take a lot of them to feed the cats. I sprinkled sterilized chicken manure around the plants and watered it in, hoping to encourage a growth spurt although I don't think there's enough time now to make much difference. :-(


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