I've made a start today

mcpeg(5a)January 7, 2011

Started my indoor growing plants - onion seeds. Planning to do a handful of tomato plants and romain lettuce for indoor harvesting.

I have my saved 4L water jugs from the summer which are getting cut with flaps to close for winter sowing outside. Many of those will house perennial flowers. I want them climate tough.

Some of the perennials I'm starting will be echinacia (mixed), lupins, shasta daisy, anise hyssop, columbine, delphinium, foxglove, cosmos.

Are you getting ready yet?



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I set out my containers last week.

I've got shasta daisy going, but also some mystery native flowers (just collected the seeds from the wild (or neighbours!) because I like how they looked), alpines, blackberry lily, blackberry lily, black-eyed susan, some bellflowers, chicory, echinacea, blanketflower, asters, and prairie crocus.

It's my first go-round with wintersowing, so I'm really anxious to see how things turn out!

Here is a link that might be useful: My wintersowing adventures

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Although I am planning a much reduced WS project this year ;) I have made a start. I lost my source for the 2L bottles that I like to use, but am slowly gathering some here and there. I am planting as I get them. I got two more yesterday with a promise of another one in the next few days. So far I have WS:
columbine-dk red--(four year old seed)
butterfly bush-white
butterfly bush-dk purple
allium karataviense-ivory queen
ligularia-marie crawford

I also have a few things inside-hate to do it but some things require starting early. I recently read that if you plant joe pye weed in January, you could get first year blooms....we will see :) I also plan to start the rudbeckia cherry brandy for the same reason. As soon as I can find the night blooming jessamine (which seems to have disappeared), I will start that inside also.

So who else is planting and what have you planted?

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Love your blog Dirtgently - nice work.

Indoors I now have planted: 2 types of onion, 4 types of tomato, summer savory, sage, patio sized red peppers, garlic chives, 2 types of lettuce (for windowsill gardening).

I need to go through my seed packets now and pull out my winter sowing ones.

And a number of both veggies and flowers will be direct sown. I just love to see stuff starting. Gives me chills it does.

I'm smiling just thinking about it.


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Others have said that growing lettuce indoors hasn't worked well for them.

I'd love fresh lettuce in the house. Do you have any tips?

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I have a south facing home, my craft room is cool - kinda like spring temperatures. This is my first time doing this so I will let you know how things turn out. Some of my lettuce starts I plan end Apr will be for the outdoor garden. Although the last few years spring has seen 30C in March and stayed relatively warm into May. It's getting harder and harder to figure out spring so I still target the third week of May for most of my direct seeding. Or April if recommended by the package.
I'll let everyone know how this turns out.

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