My first attempt

redwolfdoc_z5(5)January 18, 2014


This is my first year winter sowing, and I'm very excited. Here's what I've got so far:

Ageratum, Anchusa, Beautyberry, Blackberry Lily, Cerinthe, Columbine, Delphinium, Foxglove, Jewels of Opar, Rock Cress, Echinacea, Mondo Grass, Salvia, and Snapdragon. In March I'll add Marigold, Nasturtium, and Petunias to that.

Any advice on Larkspur? I've read that it doesn't take well to being transplanted; direct sowing is best. But I also understand that it's best to direct sow in mid to late fall. I don't mind waiting a year if that's the way to go, but has anyone had any success direct sowing Larkspur in late winter or early spring?


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Looking good Karen! I've done several of the ones you've done and they grew well. I did foxglove, delphinium, blackberry lily, columbine, Echinacea. Marigolds did well to but I didn't sow them til mid March, the petunias I tried fizzled, think that was my fault because I moved them to my greenhouse and it got to hot. My next seed order will be coming soon and there will be more to do. Right now I only have 3 flats. Sounds like you're hooked. BTW, I've never done larkspur but have read that other people have and it works for them. I never start w/s til after Christmas. Marg

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Thank you Marg! I am well and truly hooked, and I haven't even seen seedlings yet! lol. It's just such a nice thing to do in these cold frozen months - helps me feel connected to my garden. Can't wait to see what grows! I'm going to add to it as well - Basket of Gold, two more columbines, dichondra and primrose. Still not sure how to handle the larkspur...
How long have you been WSing?

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I used to do quite a bit but then got sidetracked with daylilies. I plan to do a lot more when my seed order comes in. BTW, I do columbine and they do great! Try asking about the larkspur on the Far North forum, it's a bit more active. Everyone there was a great help to me when I was starting. Marg

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