Disinfect mealybugs from soil

0nametaken0May 18, 2014

Hi guys, so I had about 25 or so succulent species killed by mealys. Now that i have a crap load of soil, I want to use it for new plants. Ive spent alot of time making this soil so tossing it out is not an option. I dont know if I had root mealys, but I know they were on the plant.

Is there anyway to disinfect the soil? Will the mealies even be in the soil? Maybe I can throw it in the oven and take it up to 80c? The freezing weather is not around anymore or else I wouldve thrown the entire bucket outside.

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The baking will kill whatever's there (be prepared for a stink) but leaf mealies and root mealies are two different insects (maybe the genus is different, too). No, leaf mealies don't live in the soil, as soil mealies don't live above the soil.

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Baking the soil should work:)

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Thanks both, I would like to pass on the baking but if I have no choice I will give it a shot. How long can leaf mealies live without plants? I remember when they were around Id see one on the corner of my pot, so they were not restricted to just leaves. Ive not seen a topic like this on the net either, so either Im the first one or Im doing something wrong.

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