to late to move day lilies?

diane_v_44(Z6)September 27, 2009

I have been working during the summer on this new garden bed in front of my house

Not done with it all yet. Still have a good number of day lilies I want to move into this bed

It is quite exposed to the elements. Lots of sun when there is sun, over winter, running just along the sidewalk across the entire front of my home. about 60 feet

I must have yet another fifty day lily plants to move

Had I best wait til next year.

Still planting daffodil bulbs in as well but not worried about time for them. I am sure they will be fine

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Diane, you could transplant them now if you wish or you could wait till next season. The lilies would survive transplanting now but simply cut the foliage by half. If in the spring, transplant as soon as the grounds are warm enough. My personal preference is to do it now simply to avoid having to deal with wet and muddy conditions which is usually the case in spring.

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I have never moved any daylilies in the fall before. This year I did a major switcheroo at the end of August and will be interested to see how they do next year. None were very large clumps - just some I had in a holding bed from last summer or this year. I did move a few last week - just ahead in the same garden. Most were only a few fans and I got lots of soil with them. I hope they are okay - we have already had a mild frost.
I prefer moving most large clumps in the spring because there is less foliage to deal with. I find that makes it easier to divide them. You can move what you want and pot up the rest if you want to give them away or sell them. I get out there as soon as they are a couple of inches high. I moved alot last spring. It was great - it was the first gardening I could do. The soil wasn't mucky and I actually tried to time it for before a rain so I didn't have to water them in. My gardens have mulch on them though and that makes it easier to get into them earlier.
I would really like to hear from someone about what the daylily plant is doing now and whether it is a good time to move them. Anybody know?
Good luck with what ever you decide Diane. Sounds like lots of work!!

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Thanks ladies for the encouragement

I am going to move more of the day lilies

The soil is just lovely now and having had lots of rain it would seem ideal for sure
I know frost could hit anytime just worries me some but day lilies for sure are quite tough

Most of my daylilies are from "We're In The Hayfield Now"
I go out to their open house each year and plan to buy just one new plant but it is usually two or three that I come home with. You know how it is.

I put a lot of mulch on my gardens as well Just bagged up leaves
I take my dear car, and fill the trunk several times with neigbhours bagged leaves. Trying to find leaves with evergreen pieces in them But now with paper bags you can not see in without opening them.
One thing to take thy neigbhours bagged and ready to go leaves, but should they happen to be looking out and notice that you looked in the bag and then left it, ... who knows what the neigbhours might think.


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Hi Diane,
How is the clump moving going? It is nice to have some rain finally. We have been so dry all summer but I know some places even not far from me have gotten rain and rain and more rain. We avoided the frost they had down Windsor Chatham way this week and things are still looking okay. It is just cold and windy for now.
You are so lucky to live near We're in the Hayfield now. I don't have any of their daylilies but would sure like to. This summer I purchased a few Canadian hybridizers introductions or seedlings but would like to get more. I think that will be a goal for next spring. Which of theirs do you have and which ones are really good?
I hope you post some more on this forum. I am daylily crazy and there doesn't seem to be too many from Canada on the regular daylily forum. I have seen in the past and learned alot from the Far north people but this year they have had nothing on daylilies either. Maybe they have moved to another forum. I enjoy reading other people's experiences and as we are just about done gardening for real for this year I will need some kind of gardening fix over the winter!!!
Do you take photos of your daylilies?

Good luck with the moving and hope to hear from you again.

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Hello Debbie

Good to hear from you

Have not began moving more of the plants.
Got started on doing some upholstery for one my grown kids and it is taking more time than I thought.

Seems so many people stop in and such. I just haven't gotten out in the garden so much the past week.

I did find a great buy in garden phlox and got them into the new bed.
Hoping to get back at it after Thanksgiving weekend I am hosting the family dinner this year

At any rate Debbie, I am fond of Day lilies as well and they are so hardy and care free here in Barrie even.

As to which ones I have, I mostly do have the tags in a box and have my invoices from Hayfield for each year but without looking up the information, I don't remember what I have
Certainly eight or more varieties.

The only problem, with them that I see, is that they multipy so quickly that you soon have perhaps, to many.
But that is not really a problem.
As for pictures I don't take pictures but my daughter does at times. Trouble is she takes pictures but never sends them to me.
I need to do so myself

Have the camera even just don't seem to do so.
I have never looked at the day lily forum but will take a look

Thanks for the note Debbie

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Hi Diane,
It really hasn't been great weather for gardening. Your daylilies might have to wait until spring. Glad you keep the tags. I really enjoy the labelling and paperwork of my daylilies. It gives me someething to do with gardening in the winter. I started hybridizing last year and so want to keep track of everything. It is so much fun.
I put in some ornamental grasses that I bought and have received some liliums today from the Lily Nook that I ordered. I had hoped they would come sooner but I guess I will brave the weather and get them in tomorrow.
I still have so much to do with the season being so late. I have glads to dig out and Calla Lilies but they really don't look ready. I still have glads blooming. Despite our crappy weather all summer my glads were the best they have ever been. It sure has been a weird year. Trouble is it will probably freeze up about the same time as usual. I hope everything survives.
Good luck with Thanksgiving. I hope we get some nice weather after that but I am not hopeful. We live on a farm and still lots of fall work to do there as well if it ever stops raining. I wanted rain but I think we have had enough!!

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My glads where good this year as well
Last year they where bad.
I have kept a number of the little corms, of glads that I liked and they are now after two years coming along a decent size

I left them in pots , large pots all summer. Next year they will be big enough to plant out. It is space that I need.

Yes there is ever so much to do

I put my calla lilies into larger pots as well. Did that a couple of weeks ago even though the foliage was good
I know they keep well just dug up, dried off and bagged but I have been in the past couple of years or so been keeping more bulbs, tubers, corms etc. in potted dirt

For me it works better.
I am in Florida from sometime in November until late April or early May Potted the bulbs have not shrunk at all and once I put them outside, almost as soon as I get back home they really get growing.

I find when I get back I have so much to do and in a rush. The potted bulbs etc. can stay in pots outside and get the rain and sunshine, until I get around to placing them where ever I want.
Even Dahlias I have done same with and Cannas. But they are in larger pots to heavy for me to carry in, have to get my son, grandkids,neigbhours, or whomever I can persuade to carry the pots indoors.
Seems it is going to be cold for Thanksgiving

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Hi Diane,
I have put callas in pots before but always unpotted them in the fall. I will have to try what you do. It sounds like less work to me. I just wish mine would die back a bit so I thought I could take them out of the garden.
I went out and uncovered some iris that I had planted in August maybe too deep. It is so wet I was worried they would rot. I never feel comfortable planting new ones with the tubers showing. I guess I will cover these with bit of mulch once it gets colder just to feel better.
It actually feels a bit milder here today but the wind is really blowing. It rained quite a bit in the night but has been okay for most of the day. We sure don't need any more.

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