What are you sowing today?

sandyteach(5b)February 1, 2007

O.K., when I come home from work today my container of soil is in the sink drained, waiting to be sowed, and today it is Nicotiana. This is all first time stuff for me, so I get quite excited with each new kind of seed I sow. I smelled these beautiful flowers last year, and thought they would go great in a little patch of ground by our deck, so we could sit there in the evening after working in the garden all day (: (well, most likely just me working), enjoy a glass of wine and breathe deeply of the aroma.

Tomorrow it will be another new seed packet or two or three.

What are you planning to sow today?


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last night was perennial garlic chives. also plunked my garlic that sprouted shoots into pots. Can't lose with them!

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Yesterday was Cerinthe (Purple Bells), Mesembryanthemum (Gelato Red), Passion Flower, Callistephus (Blue Ribbon), and Crested Celosia...my first time trying any of these.
Today I will also do my Aztec Nicotiana and another two or three....hmmmm....what will it be???
Having fun. Happy Gardening!

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Trish, I looked up pictures of what you are sowing and they all look so beautiful. I hope you are successful. I never got around to sowing the Nicotiana yesterday (lots of stuff came up) so today I am definitely doing that, then I have to prep more containers as I've used up all the ready ones. :)

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I have sown so many things indoors for under my lights, and I just keep sowing. My light cart is full of covered trays and pots in baggies, started seedlings galore and I just keep on sowing. Can someone send me a doctor please, I think I am nuts. hehe Yesterday I sowed some Pelargoniums, Dianthus, Datura (three kinds), Nasturtiums (I know its early). Now I have about 30 different things growing and I am trying to restrict myself to only a few of each, this should be interesting! Does everyone have the growing fever early this year? I usually start only a couple of things this early like daylily. Know I'll have to get my other lamps hung early to accomodate everything that is sprouting and will need to be transplanted into individual pots. Hmm.... what will I sow today? Janet

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Have you tried the Winter Sowing method of placing sown containers outside? Sounds like you'd do great with it!

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Today so far, I have done with the help of my son: Orange Butterfly Weed, Red Monarda 'Bee Balm', Potentilla 'Miss Wilmott', and Impatiens 'Mixed F2 Hybrid'. Going to pick up some containers tomorrow from a generous Garden Webber, so will be adding, and adding, and adding...I can't help it. I usually grow more than I need but I give the plants away to friends and family to grow in their garden. Making the world a beautiful place...one plant at a time!! :0)

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Okay now I have more containers just have to decide what to sow next...hmmmm....so many seeds...so little time...okay fellow garden webbers...I know you're out there, so what did you sow today??

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