peach versicolor brug & misc.

threas(z7 PA)July 19, 2010

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lovely pics... thanks for sharing !!


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It's all so beautiful Theresa! I'm waiting for my peach versi to do something, it's in the ground tho and if we don't have an early fall I'm hoping... What is the orange potted plant on the bottom row? I love the foliage and the flowers.

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threas(z7 PA)

Thanks Izhar and Diane! The orange flower is Crossandra. I overwinter it. Most of my brugs are in the ground too!


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Stunning beauties! What's the first one? And I love your presentation- how do you upload your photos like that? I can only seem to get those huge photos from photo bucket, and I'm concerned for those with dial up internet having a problem viewing mine.
Thanks you so much for sharing- everything looks great!

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threas(z7 PA)

Thanks, Kathy! The first one is some kind of variegated tropical hibiscus, don't know ID.. For the pix_ I check all the ones I want, go to bottom of page and hit generate HTML button. Use the first set of codes for clickable thumbnails. To make them side by side, I get rid "center" in the . And where there's "a" in move next to last "a" in code before. I probably didn't explain that very well. I'll do example.

Remove this first "center" in
beginning of 1st Code eg.= "a href="http:---------end of code= alt="Photobucket">"/a>
2nd code eg.= "a href="http:---------alt="Photobucket">"/a>

Looks like this before: I used">in place of :
"a href="http:---------alt="Photobucket">"/a>
"a href="http:---------alt="Photobucket">"/a>

*Remove space between last "a" of 1st code and first "a" of 2nd code.
"a href="http:---------alt="Photobucket">"/a>"a href="http:---------alt="Photobucket">"/a>

The are messed up but idea is there.LMK if you need more help.


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Your water garden is gorgeous. I love the peach versi.My versi peach is always at it's best in the fall here for some reason.

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threas(z7 PA)

Thanks, Lennette!

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Theresa, wow, look at how nicely everything has filled out! I can see myself with a nice cool drink under that umbrella and surrounded by all the flowers!

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