Bowiea nana question

greybird_kekeMay 1, 2013

I recently acquired a Bowiea nana, and am having a hard time finding much information on Bowiea in general. Mine is growing very well, but today I noticed that the vine is broken not far from the top of the bulb. I'm sure it's due to how fast it was growing and I did not have it supported well enough. It's not broken in two, so I was wondering if there is a chance it will "heal" itself if I give it good support? Or should I just cut it off and wait for it to grow another? I hate to lose all the growth it had...

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Hey Grey,

I don't grow Bowiea but I did a quick search and I think you may find better info with the synonym Bowiea volubilis. It looks like new growth occurs in Spring - now. If it's in growth, it probably won't hurt the plant to trim off the damaged section. It will just direct its energy elsewhere. I hate to provide an obvious pun but can't resist... it might be time to cut your losses.

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