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notolover(5)August 10, 2014

I have a lot of wild butterfly weed this year and it attracted the first Monarchs I've seen in years.

I found this guy in the garden yesterday so now I'm afraid to pull up anymore of those weeds. I am going to cut the seed pods off, though.

We have a lot of cottonwood trees so we usually always have Swallow Tails, but the Monarchs are a rare treat.

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it seems that you have giant milkweeds there? I have only two plants there and am looking for more seeds. Mine hasn't produced any seedpods yet?

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Are the bees pollinating your flowers? If you have two plants you should be getting seeds. I could save some for you if I can bag a pod before it explodes. I did some research and it seems like showy butterfly weed is pretty common so I won't feel like I'm introducing an invasive species if you live in the western US.

If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.

But it sure is invasive in my yard :-(

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