Butterfly ID's

karyn1(7a)August 16, 2010

I was at a butterfly exhibit at the local nature center and couldn't ID these beauties. I assume they are native to tropical/sub-tropical climates.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

The first is a large tree nymph/Idea leuconoe.
The second is a great egg-fly butterfly/Hypolimnas bolina.
I think the third is probably Parides photinus/pink-spotted cattleheart, but there are MANY tropical swallowtails with that coloring.
And the fourth is a malachite/Siproeta stelenes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Parides photinus

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Wow. Really pretty butterflies! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the ID's. There were so many beautiful butterflies but that Hypolimnas bolina was so striking with those iridescent blue & white spots. I thought the Parides photinus looked like a swallowtail but I never realized just how many types of swallowtails there are in the Americas!

I also saw the coolest looking caterpillar, the Hickory Horned Devil in it's final instar. I've never seen the caterpillar before nor have I seen the Regal moth it turns into. Both are quite beautiful.

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runmede(7a Virginia)

Was it Brookside Botanical Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland? That is an incredible exhibit this year. It runs until Sept. 19. If you are in the area, you've got to go.

I have been giving them Baltimore Checkerspot stock to display for education.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wings of Fancy

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That's it. I've been going to Brookside and Wheaton Regional since I was a little kid. It's only about 20 minutes from my house. This year the butterfly exhibit was especially nice. It's nothing compared to Butterfly World in FL but for a small exhibit they had a very nice variety this year.

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jrcagle(z7 MD)

@runmede: Thank you! I always enjoy their Balt. Checkerspot exhibit when I go.


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