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aliciahere_zone3aFebruary 22, 2012

I'm planning to sow WS seeds the same time that I am sowing them inside - do you think this would work? The average last frost date for us is May 7 (though I'm planning on a May 14th date, with this odd year). I am worried since it is getting to above freezing almost every day now, that we could then get a -40* night (which isn't outside the realm of possibility, though unlikely). If this happens, could I just bring them inside, or would the warm temps inside the house be a shock to them?

Any advise would be appreciated, thanx!


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Hello again Alicia. Do you mean that you are sowing the same seeds inside as out? half outside and half inside as kind of a backup plan? The WS seeds will obviously take longer to germinate as they must wait until the temps are warm enough for that to happen. Don't worry about them germinating too early outside unless the temps have climbed high enough for that to happen. most seeds will need fairly warm to germinate. When I have sprouted containers and the chance of a frost, I take an old blanket or sheet and toss it over them and it works fine. The idea of WS is 'survival of the fittest'. :)
Definitely don't bring them in.
Check out the link that I posted for you in your other thread here. :) There is so much information. I still like to read it even though I have been doing this for a few years.


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