"Is it too late" and other questions

mamahoohoo(2a Regina SK)March 8, 2013

I've been lurking on WS forums for years and haven't given it much of a try. Most of my flowers self-seed so I haven't really had to.

In deepest darkest Regina where we are STILL getting snow added onto the snow that comes up to the top of my patio table, is it too late to start?
The only flowers I'm likely to grow this year are Marigolds and Calendula. What kind of veggies would work? Last year I tried cabbages and kale, but out of 30 of each that sprouted, all of them froze except one of each, and they took so long to grow that in October I havested a cabbage the size of a tennis ball and the kale plant had a whopping 6 leaves. :(

I do have an unheated greenhouse, basically just a frame wapped in poly - would it be beneficial to keep my WS trays in there, or are they better off out in the yard? The temperature fluctuations in there from day to night can be pretty crazy.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Both marigolds and calendula can be direct sown in the garden (either vegetable or flower). If you want to try winter-sowing, it is not too late to start these in small containers that will be put outdoors to germinate in the spring. I would try sowing some seeds using both methods, and decide which method works the best for you.

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