To plan a garden or not to plan a garden??...that is the question

trishthegardenmom(6a)March 20, 2007

Now, please don't penalize me for this question but I must ask. My inquiring mind would like to you plan out your garden? I mean when you buy seeds/plants do you know where they are going or do you just buy the seeds/plants cause you just like the plant, like growing them and then put it wherever it fits and give extras to friends/family etc? Do you think one way is better than the other? Me, well I like the plant and then end up giving the extras to friends and family.

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No planning here Trish. Just plunk and run when planting and then give the excess to family and friends.

The only planning I'm doing this year is planting more for the butterflies. Everything will go wherever there is an empty space in the gardens, and if there are no empty spaces in the flower gardens, then I will use the huge empty space presently known as the 'lawn'. :)

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

I like to plan them according to what their requirements are needed.

I also have a holding bed for young seedlings, and then in a couple of years I transplant them out to the gardens.

I also love to combine colours, orange and blue is a wonderful combo in the garden.


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I don't plan...and constantly rearrange...I am not good at the planning...I plant what I like and move it if it looks wrong. I am now getting more fussy and finding favorites plants and also finding ones that 'don't impress me much'...

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I plan like crazy, then i plant way too many seeds and order way too many plants and have no idea where they can be planted, quick extend a bed so some can be thrown in there, tuck a few in another spot, and give away a whole pile of them. Lots of fun! :)

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kniceone(z4 ON Canada)

I plan sort of. I have a garden blueprint from 10 yrs. ago. I spent many hours making it. Without this I would not know where anything is. At the end of each season I do a rough "inventory" of everything that has been added and where (roughly) then put it away until January. Then out it comes along with the photos from the garden last season and I plan what I need, wish and want for this year. It's my greatest tool because as the garden matures, my memory fades of what I put last year or 3 years ago. It helps but like others who have spoken before me - if I don't like a look, I change it. In the fall the master blueprint gets changed to reflect what I have done. It sounds tedious and time consuming but each fall it takes about 1 hour to mark the changes on the plan; but it saves hours and hours of work in the spring - because I know where all the holes and nooks are that need a little something.

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