Importing seeds from the US?

kuzariprincessSeptember 19, 2007

I want to grow a curry leaf tree or Murraya koenigii but the only seeds I can find are from US seed companies. Does anyone know about importing seeds from the US? Are there restrictions, extra duties etc?


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Try Richter Herbs, from Ontario. No needs, but the actual plant.

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Which US seed company?

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

Legally speaking, as long as the seeds are not on one of the CITES lists for endangered or threatened species, and are not on a provincial list of noxious weeds, then you are allowed to import a certain amount of seeds for personal use (off the top of my head, I think the amount is 500g, but I can look it up and provide the references if you wish). You do not need a phytosanitary certificate to import seeds into Canada (you do for plants, except under very specific circumstances).

There are no duties applied to seeds, but if your order is valued at $20 CAN or more, GST is applicable (if it's a gift, then the amount is $60 or more). The postal clerk or delivery man will collect that at the time of delivery. NOTE: GST is not always charged or collected because it's a pain in the rear to do so, so they often let it slip through without charging you.

Practically speaking, many US companies do not ship to Canada. It may be difficult to find the seeds you want at a place that ships to Canada. One thing I have done in the past is to have them sent to a friend or family member in the US and have them forward them on to me (costs the friend or family member postage).

It may be simpler to order plants from Richter's, as ianna suggested, they're a Canadian Company and not that bad - I do find them overpriced, but they're often the only place to get what you want.


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I have been looking for this plant or seeds for several years now.
I got pretty excited when I saw the link to richter's herb farm.
The plant they have is Helichrysum italicum, it is nothing like the Murraya koenigii , which is an actual tree.

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wmc1 This States company sells seeds

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Check out Flora Exotica.

This is a Canadian company in Quebec and they have many cool tropical plants and even seeds for some.

They have Murraya koenigii in 2 different sizes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Flora Exotica website

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Have you tried the member's exchange search? You can receive seeds from the US but you cannot ship any to there. Perhaps someone in the US that has these seeds would be willing to send you some for postage. Or you might find them somewhere else in the world. I have searched the Garden web seed lists and swapped for things from various countries in Europe without a problem.

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It's not a problem at all..I get seeds from the US all the time.But i can't find a source for curry lkefa tree seeds. Would you mind sharing your info? Thanks

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As I understand this tree is a sub-tropical to tropical specimen and as such, while we might like to think it can grow in northern zones, any nursery having the tree or its seeds, will not send them to areas not hardy for its survival.
Many Canadians read stories of the majestic southern types that are talked about how they flower so profusely and would like to think such specimens can be grown successfully here. Crepe Myrtles is the one I think most talked about and I agree, they are a gardener's dream for providing colour in a drab plot. But the truth is, they cant be grown successfully where it snows.

Some nursery might just take your money and run....but the ones that know the tree cant survive will keep their honour and inform you why they wont mail to northern zones.
Like the guy I know who took a maple tree to Florida, planted it and asked his neighbor to water and care for it until he came back the next winter. Of course, it died....pretty quickly he was told. Just goes to prove..
'you can take the girl out of the country, but you cant take the country out of the girl". Plants thrive in zones because they've been nurtured to do so. The day I can plant a Sago Palm in Ontario, the front lawn of my home will have a new tree to show off.

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