claubill(z3Sud ONT)October 19, 2006

Next year, I have a big bed of tradescantia that I want to divide. I'm doing a little survey for now. Do you think that in the spring gardeners would be interested in adopting a few of them? I think they're the blue jewel. I know I can give some away to some very new gardeners. I'm just wondering if there would be some takers. I'm not trading, I just want an idea of who might be interested.

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How generous I know I would be interested in adopting a tradescantia or two. Janet

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peatpod(Z5b Ontario)

You can donate them to your local hort society for sale in the spring.

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

You could do what I did with some extra daylily roots - offer them for a SASE. Tradescantia is probably tough enough to survive a trip in a padded mailer, especially if you dig it up when it is just emerging. I had no trouble finding homes for all of my extra roots - I'm sure you'll get quite a few takers in the spring.

If you want to offer big clumps you might want to restrict your offer to locals only. Mail costs would be prohibitive otherwise.


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