What do you direct sow in zones 3 and 4??

pennylee(z3b)March 11, 2007

I saw this posting on the winter sowing forum and was wondering what do gardeners direct sow in zones 3 and 4, if anything. The answers on the other forum mainly deal with the higher zones. Thanks


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Not much, come to think of it. At the moment, the only things i can think of are matthiola (stocks) and gypsophilia (baby's breath). Oh, i direct sowed sweet peas one spring but i haven't done them again. Maybe i'll try this year.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Not that I grow all of these every year, but Sweet Peas, Love-in-a-mist, Marigolds, Sunflowers, Poppies, Bachelor Buttons and Nasturtiums. Some people wintersow them but I haven't so far because they grow satisfactorily from direct sowing.

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)


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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

I have direct sowed Lavatera, Malva and Cosmos.

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I direct sow sweet alyssum, bachelor buttons, marigolds, calendula, annual baby's breath, lavatera, cosmos, poppies, evening-scented stock, and sunflowers. I also do some wintersowing with the marigolds, lavatera, and cosmos, and I'm trying sunflowers this year hoping for some earlier blooms.

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claubill(z3Sud ONT)

Last year, I had Dames' Rockets, corncockle, and calendulas and I was surprised that they self-seeded and came back on their own this year. This is really a treat because you just don't know where in the yard they are going to pop up from. Now we are going to see if the annual poppies will do the same.

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

I'm in Zone 5, but just to keep things going on this forum here's what I direct sow. As far as flowers are concerned I direct sow Lavatera, Calendula, Gomphrena, Nasturtiums, and my climbers like Morning Glory and Cardinal Climber. In the veggie department I direct sow snow peas, pole beans, lettuce, cucumbers, squash, parsley, thyme, cilanro, basil, swiss chard. That's about it.

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