storing sweet potato vine tubers

marricgardensOctober 9, 2012

This spring I decided to plant some SP vines. I just got around to emptying the planter and dug out all the tubers. There were some 3" tubers but most were small. Does anyone know how to store them? I've tried storing other bulbs, i.e. dahlias, and never had any luck with those. Any tips?

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Hi, I have not been on this forum for sometime and just came across this post. I have been storing various bulbs and tubers for several years, and I find the best way to store them is in moist potting soil kept in the basement over winter. I cut off the plant, let the tubers dry a bit so all the dirt can be shaken off and then pot them up. If they are grown in pots, I just cut the stem off, withhold water, and transfer to my basement (dark and fairly cool). I use this method for dahlias, cannas, begonias, vodoo lily, tube roses, oxalis,and sweet potatoes. I have also stored sweet potato tubers in saw dust, but that ws many years ago. Hope this helps.

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