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karyn1(7a)July 27, 2011

A MG called Silver Bells has just bloomed. It actually has a metallic sheen. I love it.

There's nothing special about this hibiscus except that I snuck a cutting home in my suitcase from Puerto Rico in Apr. It grows wild all over the island.

Lynette this is what was supposed to be Blue Hawaiian Globba...not! I'm sending a pic to Wayne.

Here's some very tiny succulent blooms. So small they are easily missed but I think they are so cool looking.

Passiflora holoserica. Not sure why but the ants just love this one.

As for brugs I noticed a couple pods forming on Super Spot. They are OP and am not sure who pollinated them. Sam was blooming next to them but I can't imagine that any insect was able to crawl into the blooms they were so tight and Halo Peach was blooming in the front yard. Not sure what others were in bloom. The yards a mess : (

I heard from my kids in Israel. Both have 2 medals so far, each a silver and a bronze in relay events. Surprisingly Madi swam on a 17-18 yr old relay team (not sure why) but got a bronze. She's only 14. The house is so quiet with just Kyle here.

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

I love the Passiflora holoserica bloom. Wow!! I'm going to have to try to find seeds to it, I really think it's lovely.

And isn't it always the best when you're little bloomer is a 'stolen' cutting that you happened to notice from a gorgeous mother plant? (your hibiscus) Some of my favorite plants II've gotten this way. I guess it's secretly knowing the story behind the now huge, blooming plant.

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I'm the worst when it comes to seed snatching and taking cuttings. I only do it from the wild, public gardens and the botanical gardens. I always ask if it's a private residence and I'm careful not to damage the plant I'm taking from. It was great when my youngest was in diapers. I carried a huge diaper bag with nothing but clippers baggies and markers in it. Well maybe a few diapers. lol Now I just carry an over size tote bag.

I used to take cuttings and seeds from overseas and hide them in my luggage but after 9/11 I'm too scared to do it. I figured since PR was part of the US it was safe and I didn't have any problems. When traveling domestically I usually ship plants home ahead but didn't have time to do it in PR. You can send plants to and recieve plants from PR as long as they are bare root.

I cut most of my passion vines back in the fall to get them into the greenhouse. If you contact me around then I can let you know what I cut back because the cuttings usually end up in the compost pile.

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

I love the diaper bag story Karyn! I too, don't take from neighbors without a walk up to the steps and a knock on the door. But everywhere else is game as far as I'm concerned. I too, carry clippers and heavy duty garbage bags in both cars for that 'just in case' moment. I have some nice Florida firebush hybrids growing from stems snatched at a local grocery store this past spring. They will actually be blooming within just a few days now.
I would love some cuttings from you this fall. What a generous and kind offer. Thank you. I must return the favor
when the time comes upon us to trade.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

My globba looks similar to that but a little more light lavender or pinkish. Maybe I should send him a pic of mine as well lol. I thought they were supposed to be a nice clear blue color or at least a bluish lavender.

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Ament(5a SD)

Karyn, I just love looking at your pictures, so gorgeous! :)

~Tina Marie

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I wish I had more brug pics to post but I'm glad that most don't object to my OT pics.

Lynette I did send a pic of the globba but haven't heard back. There's a bit more pinkish lavender stippling but it's far from blue and nothing like the online pic. That was either photoshopped or it's the wrong plant. I'll let you know if Wayne replies.

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Ament(5a SD)

Karyn, I highly doubt *anyone* would gripe about photos shared, far too many of us enjoy oogling everyones pretties. :D

~Tina Marie

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threas(z7 PA)

Lovely as usual, Karyn! :)


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Great photos as always Karyn, thanks! Love the coloring on that MG. When are your kids returning from Israel? How are they doing on their meet?

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Thanks. I really like that MG. It's a fairly new variety. I'd received 2 seeds and only one germinated. Hopefully it will produce seed pods.

The kids finished up the competition last Thurs. They each received 4 medals in relay events. Madi had personal best times in 50 free and 100 breast but those were 4th place. The kids were pleased with their performance. They are touring the country now and will be home the end of next week. They are having a great time. We've been using Skype to keep in touch. I just have to remember to put something on when I go to the computer in the wee hours because I have no idea who they are sitting with on the other end.

Madi really annoyed me today. I get a call at 3 am (7 hr time difference). She wants to go to FL with her friend for 3 days the day after she gets home from Israel. She's already flying to Maine to visit friends a week after she gets back. I told her that she couldn't go to FL and she copped an attitude. GMAFB! She spent 2 weeks in Puerto Rico, 2 weeks in Israel and will be in Maine for 10 days. Not to mention Memorial weekend and the 4th of July at the beach with friends. I think that's quite enough. I wish I could have traveled like that when I was 14!

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chena(z8 Texas)

I wish I could travel like that now..LOL!!!
Can you adopt me???

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Ament(5a SD)

Holy Moly Karyn,
I'll never be so well traveled as your girl is. LoL and I'm already 41! Haha! Wow, they did real well at their individual competitions. That's very good! :)

I too hope the mg produces for you, it's gorgeous! :) I have seeds for black kniolas, I hope the seeds are truely black kniolas. lol I'll find out next spring :)

~Tina Marie

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I didn't travel much as a youngster, not outside of the US anyway. DH and I waited almost 10 years after we married to start a family just so that we could spend some time traveling. I still haven't been to a fraction of the places I'd like to visit. Our youngest was a surprise, to say the least, so enjoying retirement is a ways off. I'll be 60 when Kyle's college age and DH almost 70!!!!

Joseph said that this MG variety was stingy with seed production. I'm hoping I have better luck. If I get a decent amount of seed I'll be happy to share.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I love seeing your plants. They are all so pretty. You always have some new to me plants.

Your daughter sounds like my daughter she is bitten by the travel bug. LOL At 14 I took her to the Bahamas for Spring break then that summer went went to Cancun Mexico. When we came back she started talking about spending the rest of the summer in New York.

If she is like my daughter she will be on the road more than you may feel comfortable. My daughter has gone to Germany, Brazil, Japan, and, and and all before she was 21. Every year she picked a place to study abroad so she could get a handle first hand on the languages she was studying.

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Congrats on your kids accomplishments at the meet! Ah to be young again and have all that energy to be on the go non-stop, LOL!

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Ament(5a SD)

Karyn, I just hope it produces good seed for you hon. You always have such wonderful plants to share pictures of! :)

So do the kids take pictures of interesting plants they've run across in their travels for you guys? I'm trying to convince my eldest to do so for me. He's in Utah but he's so busy with his exploits that he forgets! haha! He went camping with the guys and gals, they ended up having rabbit for dinner one night out there. He tells me about the wild and crazy fun he has out there. It scares me. Next up... sky diving out of an airplane!

~Tina Marie
Who could never understand the reason behind jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

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