Paperbark Maple

marricgardensOctober 2, 2007

I was wondering if anyone here had one? I did a search and found out they were hardy to USDA Zone 4. We're in Z5a. Now that our house is up, I was hoping to get one and plant it on the east side of the house. This would protect it from the harsh west/northwest winter winds. Any advice? Marg

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

We sell Paperbark Maples at our Nursery here in zone 5b. The location you are planting the tree will insure that an abnormally cold winter will not cause die back (especially during its first years of being established). Remember to water it ALL through next summer. Paperbark maples require extra moisture during drought conditions.

As for "zone" ratings, it should be noted that these numbers are "guidelines" at best. They are estimates, and should not be taken as "written in stone". There are "micro-climates" around most homes or gardens. Some areas around your house will mimic a zone 6. I grow plants that are rated for zone 6 and they come back quite nicely.


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sharont(z5 can)

Planting on the east side is a safe bet. Hopefully it will get some roof rain water run off.
I just planted a foot tall 2nd year seedling in a somewhat protected place but it will still receive northwest winds in winter here in central ontario, Zone 5a. (A redbud has survived in the same location for seven years.)
The seed originated from the west coast (lots of moisture) but Paperbark Maples grow in Ottawa so I'm experimenting. Quite a few of my seedlings died this summer due to the heat and dry conditions.
Crossing my fingers....

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We just had a paperbark planted with a southern exposure about a month ago. The tree was about 8 feet at planting and continues to show beautiful green leaves; a few are turning brown. I continue to water it daily. How long should the daily water continue, and what should I watch for in the way of pests, etc....?

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You need to make sure the tree is well watered in it`s first season. That doesn`t mean it has to be watered daily although in the height of summer when it`s dry and hot, it`s a good practice. As for pests, I don``t really know. It depends on your location and what kinds of pests there can cause problems.

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sharont(z5 can)

In Zone 5, here in central Ontario, the Paperbark Maple (grown from seed) I planted three years ago in a protected spot in 2007 is slowing growing and is now four feet. All others I had in the open are not with me any longer. Smile.
In your Zone 9, Jack, I'd think it would be a little too hot. Keeping it moist is important to it's taking hold. Some sites say Zone 5-7 others to Zone 9. It likes a moist retentive soil and will tolerate clay apparently. Good Luck!

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