Ontario Heat Wave!!

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)April 28, 2009

Wow, I couldn't believe it - 31 degrees today!! I had forgotten about the forecast and didn't get out until afternoon. By that time some of my containers which were in the sun were baked!! Hope they recover. Luckily, the containers which had sprouts were in the shade. I am overwhelmed by the wild violets that have suddenly overtaken my backyard garden. They had taken over a little strip on the west side of the house and over 2 years of digging and collecting and destroying all the seeds I could collect I got rid of them. Now they have moved into the backyard. I was out today picking all the flowers off. At least that's one way of heading them off. But I'll be going at them with a knife to get all the roots off. I certainly don't want them getting into the grass. I also notice wild strawberries and another broad leafed weed making an appearance. So bothersome!!

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Hi northerner. Do you want to send me some of that heat wave? We've had cool weather, high winds and lots of rain for the past week. It would be nice to get into the garden but it remains to wet. Things are growing like crazy tho. I heard on the news today that we are in for rain every day or other day for the next week! By the way, I love violets. We are planning to get some and plant them among the trees. Marg

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