Seeking Morella cerifera (Wax Myrtle)

gegaronJune 24, 2011

I am desperate to obtain around 16 Wax Myrtles to construct a privacy barrier. From my web research, I have strong reason to believe the plants would utterly thrive here in Los Angeles and grow just as I need for my barrier, but no local grower seems to even know what the heck they are! I've been to six so far... nothing!

Does anyone know of a reliable supplier? Local preferable, but I'll take on-line order references as well.

I'd also love to hear if anyone's growing them here in Los Angeles and how they've done.

Thank you thank you for any help you can offer. I'm stumped!

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Would Myrica Californica do? Its quite easy to get.

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I have pretty extensive reference material here, and can find reference to the name Morella cerifera. Can you suggest where to look? Al

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I keep forgetting the internet for plant references. Forest farm has it, but it gets pretty expensive if you need several. It is native to the eastern US, so don't know how well it will adapt to your climate. Al

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